10 photos that will make you want to visit the Faroe Islands


We've been visiting the Faroe Islands for a few years now and absoloutely love the peace and tranquility this stunning part of the world has to offer! The unspoilt natural beauty is such great inspiration and since these islands have such a strong affinity with knitting, it just makes sense to get the yarn & needles out! If you're still hesitant, these stunning photos may change your mind...

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Join us for this wonderful opportunity to discover the stunning landscapes of the Faroe Islands in the company of fellow travellers who share your passion for knitting! Enjoy private workshops where, under the guidance of local knitting expert Katrina i Geil, you'll learn about the Faroese knitting traditions as you create your own Faroese inspired project. Discover the islands' history, traditions and culture with a visit to the National Museum, meet local textile artists and sample the local Faroese cuisine.

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