Croatia and Montenegro - 04 April 2015 - Twin Centre Holiday Free Excursion

1 Free Excursion in Montenegro

Montenegro-Excursions The Highlights of Montenegro – (week commencing 04 Apr 2015) The Republic of Montenegro may only be tiny, yet it makes the most of every single square mile. From a 200 mile coastline bordering the Adriatic that notches up over 100 beaches, it melts into an astounding landscape of dramatic mountains, pine forests, canyons, glacial lakes and old fortified towns, steeped in history. Montenegro is a country of beautiful landscapes, simple villages and an unpretentious outlook. On this scenic drive you can discover the rustic charm of this little-known country. The journey will bring you through one of Montenegro’s must important historical town which is Cetinje and though a magnificent nature this country has to offer. To book this excursion click here!