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  • 8 Horror-free Patterns for a Handmade Halloween


    We flipped the Calendar over to October this week which means it's Halloween month. An opportunity for costumes always opens doors for creativity and we love the chance to show off our creations! To get started on this year's batch, we've collected 8 patterns to make your Halloween more homemade.

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  • 10 Travel Tips for Crafters - How to take your project with you!


    It might not come as a surprise but we think holidaying & crafting go hand in hand. While just the thought of transporting your craft supplies anywhere may trigger sweaty palms and a sense of uncontrollable panic, where there's a will there's a way! Regardless of your passion - knitting, crochet, stitching or quilting, we've got the essential tips for packing those projects!

    1. PLAN. PLAN. PLAN.

    This may sound obvious but make sure you plan what to take. Although not nearly as important as your crafting supplies, you may get a few strange looks if you run out of space for clothes in your luggage and so planning is key! Only take the essentials & leave anything that hasn't been used for 15 years or is still in packaging - you probably won't be using it! Continue reading
  • 10 Crafty Projects to get Autumn Ready!


    September has arrived with the end of the week and we all know that means the start of cooler evenings, shorter days and (most importantly) Jumper Season! It's no secret that colder weather causes delight in knitters, but truthfully, the turn of a season is exciting for any budding crafter as it means new textures, patterns and a whole different colour palette to work with! We've gathered the best Autumn projects to get you started! Get prepared for an overload of those familiar oranges, rusty reds & yellows!

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  • 2014 Stitchtopia Round Up

    f58c8e1a-3bce-477e-810a-13bab9666892 2014 has been a fantastic year for Stitchtopia, with a mixture of brand new tours being introduced to our programme and some old favourites making a return. We've travelled to some beautiful places, met some wonderful new friends and completed some stunning knitting and quilting projects in the process, so please read on to catch up with what's been happening this year! Continue reading
  • Cross Stitching in Colonial Williamsburg with Jane Greenoff

    williamsburg-1024x317 "During our visit we were taken behind the scenes for a private view of the antique samplers with resident experts. We were particularly fortunate as whilst we were in Williamsburg, the De Witt Museum were exhibiting Threads of Feeling – Documents and textiles from the Foundling Hospital, London. We had the expert curator, Christina Westenberger who talked about the exhibit but also guided us through their sampler collection. It was a marvellous experience – I wasn’t sure if I was prepared to stitch for a while – those young children worked such exquisite embroidery! However, one of the exhibits was an exquisite pocket sampler and I just had to design one for myself. In the end, I did a four-pocket sampler and a set of little accessories some of which you can see in the pictures below.” pocket

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