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  • Croatia and Montenegro - 04 April 2015 - Twin Centre Holiday Free Excursion

    1 Free Excursion in Montenegro

    Montenegro-Excursions The Highlights of Montenegro – (week commencing 04 Apr 2015) The Republic of Montenegro may only be tiny, yet it makes the most of every single square mile. From a 200 mile coastline bordering the Adriatic that notches up over 100 beaches, it melts into an astounding landscape of dramatic mountains, pine forests, canyons, glacial lakes and old fortified towns, steeped in history. Montenegro is a country of beautiful landscapes, simple villages and an unpretentious outlook. On this scenic drive you can discover the rustic charm of this little-known country. The journey will bring you through one of Montenegro’s must important historical town which is Cetinje and though a magnificent nature this country has to offer. To book this excursion click here!
  • Turkey - Christmas & New Year - 2 FREE Excursions

    2 Free Excursions in Turkey over Christmas and New Year

    Turkish Excursions *Christmas and New Year departure dates only EXPLORE ALANYA Half Day Tour (week commencing 28 Dec) Let the city that enchanted Cleopatra take hold of you as well. This beautiful coastline resort is drenched in history and because of its natural strategic position on a small peninsula into the Mediterranean Sea below the Taurus Mountains, Alanya has been a local stronghold for many Mediterranean-based empires, including the Ptolemaic, Seleucid, Roman,Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires. Stroll the cobbles of Alanya harbour, overlooked by the vast headland which is home to the Damlataş caves, Alanya Castle, and the famous Red Tower, the old pirate lookout point. Visit the local Friday Market to pick up a few bargains.  Sit on the ‘floating tables’ as you dine up in the Taurus mountains along the beautiful but very cold Dimçay ı river. ANTALYA CITY & SHOPPING (week commencing 21 Dec) Combine a day of shopping and Sightseeing in Turkey’s most beautiful city. Discover the enchanting old town of Antalya known as Kaleici. Discover traditional Ottoman Turkish houses, many of which have been restored to their original features now serving kebab restaurants, hijab shops, boutique hotels, museums, antique shops & art galleries. There is a wealth Historical treasure`s such as Hadrian’s gate, the Fluted minaret -Selcuk’s, the Roman Clock tower and much more whilst wandering down the narrow, winding streets down to the harbour. Enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the Marina and gaze up and admire the castle walls that surround the old town. A visit to Antalya wouldn’t be complete withouT visiting the beautiful Lower Duden Waterfalls. This day is a wonderful opportunity for you to take superb photographs of Turkey`s truly breath-taking & spectacular scenery when you look out towards the impressive Taurus Mountains & the Gulf of Antalya. To Book these added excursions click here!
  • Lanzarote - 29 Jan 2015 - 2 FREE Excursions

    2 Free Excursions in Lanzarote

    lanzarote-excursions North Island Tour – (week commencing 29 Jan 2015) In the northern part of Lanzarote you can find fertile green fields and most of César Manrique’s works. This local artist is worldwide well-known and popular. He created the 7 tourist centres of Lanzarote and had a great influence on the protection of both the nature and the culture of the island. We leave the port and heading towards to the “Jameos del Agua” which forms part of the lava flow which originated from the eruption of one of the biggest volcanoes. Here you can see the small blind crawfishes which normally live 1000 metre below the sea level. We continue heading to the north of the island and visit “Mirador del Rio”, one of César Manrique’s works with a splendid view of the small islands La Graciosa, Montaña Clara and Alegranza. Afterwards we visit the valley of Haría, the valley of the 1000 palms with a spectacular view. Finally we will visit Teguise the old capital of the island, you have the opportunity to visit this nice town, where is every Sunday the biggest Canarian market. South Island Tour – (week commencing 5 Feb 2015 The main attraction of Lanzarote is the Timanfaya National Park. During this trip you will discover the volcanoes, which rose in the 18th century. In this time, during more than 6 years almost a quarter of the island erupted and became a new series of volcanoes. That’s why the landscapes of Timanfaya National Park are very devastated. Crossing the unique volcanic landscape we will visit The Fire Mountains. Timanfaya still has some volcanic activity underground. Here you can have a look at some of the tricks the people from Lanzarote do with volcanic heat. For instance, if you throw some bushes into a hole in the ground, they start to burn in a few seconds. Afterwards we drive through the Fire Mountains, this ride is very worthwhile, because Timanfaya is so incredibly beautiful. After this volcanic impression you will visit the boiling pots 'Los Hervideros ́ at the southern coast. They are so-called because at this point of the island the sea hits the cliffs with such force as to make it seem as though it has reached boiling point when the waves rise up and swell into huge, foaming fountains. You will also have the opportunity to know the green lake “El Golfo”. Aloe Vera is getting more and more important in Lanzarote. The climate of the Canarian Islands is optimal for this healthy plant. With a visit of an Aloe Vera interpretation centre you will learn more about Aloe Vera. Driving backwards you will see La Geria, the wine-growing zone where we visit one of the oldest wine-cellars and have the opportunity of tasting the wine. To Book these added excursions click here!
  • South African - 28 Feb 2015 - 3 FREE Excursions - Book by 30 Sep

    Winter Sun In Captivating Cape Town Excursions

    South African Excursion
    Table Mountain and City Half - Day Tour
    Take the cable car up to the top of Table Mountain, enjoying fabulous views at the car climbs the slopes, rotating 360 degrees as it does so. From the top you'll be able to see Cape Town spread out in all its glory below, as well as the surrounding mountains and the coast. Then discover the city, exploring the historic Malay Quarter with its cobbled streets and brightly coloured buildings, finishing off with a stroll through famous Company Gardens. A visit to the Castle of Good Hope, a 17th-century star fort, is also on the agenda - time allowing. (Includes entrance fee to Castle of Good Hope, excludes cable car ticket).
    Cape Point Full - Day Tour
    Travel along the spectacular Atlantic seaboard to Cape Point - the south-western tip of Africa. See towering Chapman's peak as it plunges hundreds of metres into the sea and visit the Cape Point Nature Reserve with its stunning scenery and varied wildlife. Meet the African penguins that live on Boulders Beach then take a boat trip out to Dunkers Island to watch Cape fur seals at play. Finish the tour at the world-renowned Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, said to be the most beautiful garden in Africa. (Includes entrance to Boulders Penguin Colony and half-hour boat trip to Dunker Island).
    Winelands Full - Day Tour
    Spend the day tasting delicious wines and discovering the countryside around Cape Town as this tour winds its way through picturesque valleys amid a rugged mountain landscape. Stop at three top wine estates to enjoy cellar tours and tastings as you explore the vineyards of Paarl, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch. There's also the chance to enjoy a guided tour of historic Stellenbosch, a picturesque town where much of the original Cape-Dutch architecture has been beautifully preserved. And for those who want to extend their South African adventure beyond The Vineyard, our five-day Cape Kaleidoscope holiday extension promises an unforgettable experience. To Book these added excursions click here!
  • News from the Austrian Bridge Room

    austria Hosts Report by Barry & Maggie Watts The four star Postwirt hotel was the venue for this year’s bridge holiday in Soll in the stunning Wilder Kaiser area of Austria. History relates that the magnificent backdrop of mountains were named by Charles the Great who exclaimed, “Long after I will have ceased to be, you will still be an emperor.” The mountain scenery is worth the praise and because the whole area is a ski resort in winter, there are cable cars to many high spots from which the magnificent scenery can be enjoyed by walkers and non-walkers alike; usually from a delightful café at the top. The town of Soll is a beautiful Austrian town. It is compact with most facilities, including many restaurants and bars within walking distance. The towns folk are welcoming and warm-hearted and seem to be living a constant festival. Almost every day the bridge sessions are accompanied by the sound of the Town brass band or choir or by zither players. It is a very happy place to go to for a holiday and there is so much to do that it was difficult to fit in the bridge. austria2 The Postwirt is a family owned, traditional Austrian ski hotel. The staff were most welcoming and worked hard throughout our stay to provide everything needed to make our holiday enjoyable and memorable. We arrived in a heatwave with temperatures in the high 30s; extraordinary for Austria at any time of year. It took most of the first week to cool down so not only were the initial bridge sessions hotly contested as usual but also they were just hot! The weather was great, the bridge most enjoyable and the holiday a great success. We are already looking forward to next year. Directors Report by Bob Baker What does it mean when the opponents bid unopposed to a game and we double? Well, it could be that you simply don’t believe them, or it could be that you know that suits (especially trumps) are breaking badly for them. But when the bidding goes 1NT    pass    3NT   double then the double has a special meaning: it says “Partner, I have a solid suit worth at least five tricks if you lead it”. Of course, partner has no trouble working out what that suit would be – usually. However, the following hand occurred one evening in Austria: bridge With neither side vulnerable, West dealt and opened 1NT (12-14) and, after a pass from North, was raised, reasonably enough, to 3NT Now South has a classic hand for a double - a solid suit that, as long as his partner leads it, will surely guarantee the defeat of the contract. So South doubled, and when that was followed by three passes 3NT doubled became the contract. The bidding: West   North   East   South 1NT    pass    3NT  double all pass Now, of course, the spotlight fell on North. Now North knew exactly what his partner’s double meant, but looking at his hand he could not tell which of three suits (spades, diamonds or clubs) his partner had. As you can see, if he chose to lead a minor suit declarer would have no trouble in making his game, with five diamond tricks and four club tricks. Indeed, at several tables, after 1NT was raised to 3NT (and South failed to double) the contract was made on a club or diamond lead. Rather than guess which suit to lead, North found a clever solution to his problem. He led his A and waited for dummy to appear. After this it was clear that the only solid suit that could be held by South was spades, so at trick two North switched to a spade and his happy partner took the next six tricks. The 3NT game was three down – well doubled and well defended.

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