• The Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Stitchtopia


    WWhenever we have the opportunity to meet crafters who haven’t heard of Stitchtopia, they often ask ‘how does it work?’ (and it’s actually really simple!) Each trip is a carefully constructed recipe of everything a holiday is all about – think sightseeing, relaxing hotels & shopping - and then we throw some crafting into the mix! It’s your traditional package holiday but with a whole lot more! If you’re intrigued, we’ve got your Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Stitchtopia sorted!

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  • 8 Horror-free Patterns for a Handmade Halloween


    We flipped the Calendar over to October this week which means it's Halloween month. An opportunity for costumes always opens doors for creativity and we love the chance to show off our creations! To get started on this year's batch, we've collected 8 patterns to make your Halloween more homemade.

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  • 10 Travel Tips for Crafters - How to take your project with you!


    It might not come as a surprise but we think holidaying & crafting go hand in hand. While just the thought of transporting your craft supplies anywhere may trigger sweaty palms and a sense of uncontrollable panic, where there's a will there's a way! Regardless of your passion - knitting, crochet, stitching or quilting, we've got the essential tips for packing those projects!

    1. PLAN. PLAN. PLAN.

    This may sound obvious but make sure you plan what to take. Although not nearly as important as your crafting supplies, you may get a few strange looks if you run out of space for clothes in your luggage and so planning is key! Only take the essentials & leave anything that hasn't been used for 15 years or is still in packaging - you probably won't be using it! Continue reading
  • Top 10 Pom Pom Projects

    title The Pom Pom is a simple craft, often under-rated - maybe due to it's silliness. However, we're all for silliness and it looks like we're not the only ones! We're embracing pom poms with a collection of crafts to showcase these little fluffy fella's in all their glory. Continue reading
  • The Great Knitted Bake Off


    This week, we’re taking crafting inspiration from the new series of Great British Bake off. Every Tuesday we’re left dreaming of the creations baked up by contestants & with very few baking skills to show off, we’ve found a way to play along on our own terms! We’ve rounded up enough sweet treats to feed a small army (or just us on a Friday night!) & the best thing? No calories involved whatsoever!

    So if you're all ready, on your marks, get set... BAKE!

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