New England with Mandy - The final days


Our journey through New England and along the freedom trail is fast coming to an end. Our small group has bonded really well and new friendships have been made. We say goodbye to the USA via the most wonderful Niagara Falls. Harriet Tubman made this final journey as well to establish her friends and family in St Catherine’s Canada where they were finally safe and free.

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We got so wet we giggled like children. This was so much fun!


Elvis on the wrong side of the border but Sally and I didn’t care!

We spent our last night in the beautiful city of Toronto in Canada, a young vibrant city that we wanted to visit again. As if we weren’t all textile’d out, our wonderful tour leader, Lynn, found just one more textile museum.

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Words cannot describe what a wonderful trip this was. The hotels, transport and food were first class, our guides were the best and so inspiring, we all learnt and saw so much that will stay with us and inspire us forever. Thank you Arena Travel/Stitchtopia – another wonderful success!