New England with Mandy - Old Sturbridge Village & The Bennington Museum


I knew a visit to Old Sturbridge Village was going to be good, but nothing prepared us for the private show of the museum's collections of quilts , curated by a brilliant guide . I'm sure you will agree the following quilts speak for themselves.

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Old Sturbridge Village is a living museum celebrating rural life in New England between 1790 and 1840. There are historical actors living life as it was then. Our day here was nothing but magical.


We spy another quilt!


As if our day could not get any better we found a covered bridge near our hotel. The were built to preserve the wooden bridges and are very beautiful, so were the rivers they crossed.



Today we visit the small town of Bennington and its museum. Our purpose , to visit the Dear Jane Quilt . The book to accompany this Quilt has been a best seller world wide and I have seen many copies of it , to see it in real life was special as it is only displayed fir six weeks a year.

The museum was also the home for the American folk artist Ma Moses , her whimsical paintings stole all of our hearts. We were unable to take any photographs but do look her up.

We have found all the Americans we met, so kind , polite , warm and welcoming but none more than those in the quilt shop The Joyful Quilter. They provided us with homemade lunch and arranged a local quilt group to provide a show and tell.

The following pictures are from the show and tell.

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After all that hard work and a snooze in the coach, we reach our next destination Auburn , what is now needed is a big fat burger in a diner!