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  • News from the Bridge Room in Sicily

    Host report by Pauline Durie:

    Sicily is a beautiful island of rolling green hills interspersed with a few vast plains growing oranges and lemons amongst others. Agriculture is the way of life here and the food reflects this. Apparently some of the cattle seen grazing on the hillside are world famous for producing the best beef. As you drive from the airport to the resort you are already enamoured by the scenery and then arrive at a hotel that surely has one of the most beautiful settings on the island. Flowers of all colours and species are the highlight in the spacious gardens and strolling around these was popular. The large pool complex with its islands of trees and flowers was probably the most popular feature. The beach was a few metres from the pool and several guests enjoyed swimming in the sea.

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  • News from the Bridge Room in the Rhine Valley


    A message from Tom Townsend:

    "I hope you all had a superb time in the Rhine Valley, and a safe journey home. It was good to meet you there, and talk about bridge and other things.
    We had three seminars. As well as discussing a few hands from your tournaments, we worked our way through my problem sheets on opening leads. E-mail me if you would like to receive these, or if you ever have what you feel may be suitable material for my Daily Telegraph column: I'm always pleased to hear from my readers.
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  • New Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017

    New Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017

    To keep-up with the evolution of the game, the WBF undertakes a review of the Laws every ten years or so. The 2007 Law Book will now be replaced with a new 2017 version. The 2017 law changes come into affect this summer and will be used in EBU tournaments by August and be adopted in clubs by September. Everyone is required to introduce the new law by the end of September, therefore, Arena Travel will be using the new laws in its Autumn programme.

    Further information on the changes can be found at the EBU website.

  • News from the Bridge Room in Poreč, April 2017

    Host report by Barry Watts:

    The Istrian Peninsula of Croatia lies at the North-Eastern end of the Adriatic. It is unlike other parts of the Mediterranean because the limestone Karst geology makes it a region of beautiful islands and mountains. The red soil in the plains and the region’s higher rainfall have led to centuries of prosperous agriculture; most notably, wine and olive farming. Occupation of the area by Rome, Venice and then Austria has produced towns and villages of great beauty with all the architectural influences of these cultures.

    Our holiday was in the town of Poreč on the western shore of the Istrian peninsula. The Island of Sveti Nicola lies across the entrance to the bay, making it a natural harbour that has been occupied for over 2000 years. Today it is part of the most popular tourist areas of Croatia.

    The Valamar Riviera hotel sits in a prime position on the harbour of the old town of Poreč. Part of the hotel complex is the Villa Parentino on the end of the Poreč promontory. The villa built by the family Polensi in 1887 looks across the Northern Adriatic and on a clear day Venice can be seen across the bay. That alone puts the history of this natural harbour into perspective.

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  • Show us your stash!

    Last month we shared with you lots of ways of how to spring clean your yarn stash. This inspired us to speak to our lovely experts and have a nosy around their textile grottos! So, this month we asked them to show us their stash and to describe it in a few words... Continue reading

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