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  • News from the Bridge Room in Montenegro

    Host report by James & Jane Tullett

    The small and beautiful country of Montenegro provided many picturesque places to visit during this 10-day holiday. With a population approximately the same as Sheffield, this unspoiled gem has many stunning and varied landscapes of sea, mountains and pastures, with beautiful towns and villages. The Tara Hotel is ideally located next to the sea with its private beach and provides a promenade walk to the nearby medieval town of Budva. The old town with its winding alleys has lots of boutique shops, bars and coffee shops to explore. Many of our guests enjoyed losing themselves in the old town for a spot of retail therapy and sampling the local delicacies. As an alternative to walking back to the hotel, several guests took the water taxi and enjoyed views of the bay. 4 Continue reading
  • The National Memorial Arboretum - 74th anniversary of D-Day

    6th June 2018 marked the 74th anniversary of the D-Day landings so we headed to the National Memorial Arboretum in Burton-on-Trent for a day of remembrance. We were lucky enough to be joined by around 40 veterans who had contacted Remembrance Travel & asked to be part of this LIBOR funded tour and it truly was a day to remember! The veterans, their family and carers participated in a Service of Remembrance before enjoying some lunch (entertained by some very special guests!) and then time to explore aboard the Arboretums Land Train. It was a very special day for all involved and we're so looking forward to being a part of next year's 75th anniversary.

    To register your interest for D Day 75, please contact the Royal British Legion, email us or call us on 01473 660800.

    Video courtesy of forces network

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  • Stitching in Norway with Karin Hellaby

    DAY 1 – London – Bergen

    We arrived in Bergen, basking in a glorious 23C and enjoyed a fabulous 3 hour sightseeing tour. Amongst the sights was the Fantoft Stave Church, beautiful buildings, views from the mountains and the Hanseatic trading area. We have a full group of 18 textile lovers from UK, USA, Switzerland and Hungary and they are already impressed with the beauty of Norway!

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  • News from The Bridge Room in Crete

    Host report by Barry & Maggie Watts:

    Some say the word idyll is derived from the Greek (eidullion). It is a short poem, a simple pleasure or a song. Rethymnom and the twin hotels, Agean Pearl and Pearl Beach, are as close as it gets to perfect for a bridge holiday. The two hotels operate as one, sharing all facilities. Between them a common mini-piazza serves as the main meeting place and a must for al-fresco dining and entertainment. Immediately outside the hotel is the private beach and the flat promenade to the old town; restaurants, supermarkets, shops, and close access to buses, taxis, chemist and banks. Of course it is much easier to visit the hotel spa, spend a lazy day in the sun served by the friendly hotel staff; idyllic.

    The island of Crete lies in the Southern Aegean and is the southernmost part of Greece. It could be a country in its own right because it has a history and mythology all of its own. It could also have been part of Asia, Africa or Europe because geographically it is equidistant from all three. The Island has been occupied and its culture enriched by Byzantium, Venice, Rome and Turkey but its deepest roots lie in its Minoan culture which dates back to 6000 BC. The Minoans born of Zeus on Mount Ida ruled Crete for 1500 years enjoying their greatest prosperity between 1800 and 1600 BC. At this time they produced superb art works and wonderful artifacts that are so sophisticated that they would be admired if produced today.

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  • Meet the expert - A Q&A with Janet Clare

    How did you discover quilting?

    My Mum is a quilter and as I love all textile crafts it wasn’t too long after she started quilting that I did too.

    Was there a single moment when you fell in love with quilting, or did it happen gradually?

    I was a knitwear designer when I first started quilting- knitting was work and quilting was a hobby. Nowadays it’s completely the other way around! When my boys were little I joined a local quilt group and really caught the quilting bug there and learnt lots too.

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