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  • News From The Bridge Room In Jersey

    Host report by Barry Watts

    We could be in the South of France! St Brelade’s Bay is a crescent of the softest sand and shallow sea sheltered in the arms of rugged rocks and cliffs characteristic of the Channel islands. The sun shone for us virtually the whole week warming the sand and sea. Swimming and water sports continued as though it was high Summer. Most of the Summer holiday makers had gone so we could enjoy relatively clear beaches and walk into any of the beach restaurants to enjoy the excellent seafood.

    The St Brelades Bay Hotel, we were told, is the most popular hotel on the Island. After 24 hours we knew why. The hotel was full. Its staff were excellent and were tireless and cheerful in meeting our every need. The Hotel, its rooms, the gardens and its wonderful position on the bay make it a beautiful place to stay. Most of all, the restaurant was outstanding. The restaurant rooms and the terrace facing the Bay were busy all day as guests and private parties enjoyed long lunches drifting into lavish teas, creating a charming mix of British and continental tastes.

    The good weather drew everyone out to explore Jersey. The Island offers great walks and numerous interesting sites to visit. Especially popular were the War Tunnels, excavated by forced labour for the Germans during the 5 year occupation of the second world war and now preserved as a fascinating history museum of the occupation.

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  • A message from Bob & Jacky Baker

    Bob & Jacky Baker

    A message to all the guests who have been on holidays with Bob & Jacky.

    We are both terribly disappointed that we have been unable to be on the holidays this autumn to Jersey and Menorca. Unfortunately Bob has been diagnosed with a serious illness, and it is not clear if we will be able to continue with the holidays.

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  • News from the Bridge Room in the French Alps

    Host report by Andy & Chris Simmons

    This was our second holiday at the Chateau des Comtes de Challes, a traditional castle in the French Alps that has been lovingly restored by its current owner. It retains its charm as a historic building whilst the rooms are gradually being upgraded to accommodate modern tastes. This year all rooms have been fitted with air conditioning and that is especially welcome because the weather can get a little warm in the summer. That said, the weather on this holiday has been near perfect with warm and dry sunny days.

    “This place is just idyllic”, said one guest and that sums it up quite well. Terrace gardens look out over a scenic valley and there are lots of seats strategically placed so that guests can relax in the sun or in the shade and watch the gliders swooping across the chateau to land on the airstrip below. There are beehives providing fresh honey and birdsong is in abundance all day long.

    After a couple of days the danger of evening thunderstorms had passed and dining was outdoors on the adjacent terrace. Dining here is a special experience. Guests at first found it odd that they had to order their choices in advance. However, this is a restaurant that has two ‘Michelin Stars’ and with a group this size it is necessary for the Chef to know what is needed so that the ingredients can be brought in fresh each day. The result is stunning as the food is presented immaculately just as you would expect at such an establishment. To wash it all down there was a generous allocation of fine wine too. Continue reading
  • News from the Bridge Room in Lake Bled

    Host report by Jacky Baker

    The spectacular setting of Lake Bled proved a popular venue for our group, many of whom previously had never been to Slovenia. The views from the restaurant, the bridge room and many of the bedrooms were of the lake, which with the small island (with its church) in the centre of the lake looked just too good to be true!

    There were several trips organised - to the capital Ljubljana, a “Taste of Slovenia” trip, a visit to the nearby Julian Alps and a tour around Bled itself. This Bled tour included a voyage on a “pletna” boat to the island and the picturesque church. Local legend has it that visitors should pull the bell rope three times; if they succeeded in ringing the bell then they would be granted a wish. That evening we were watching carefully for guests enjoying more than their fair share of successful finesses.

    The hotel staff were really friendly and efficient. In fact they were so efficient that one evening after the bridge session finished they locked the doors leading to the bridge room without realising that two of the players were still in the toilets. Once this became apparent it took a little while for the person with the keys to be located and a rescue made. Fortunately the free drinks which were offered by the bar to the unlucky pair saw the evening end happily.

    We do hope to return to this stunning location at some time in the future. As usual, we have to offer a big thank you to the hotel and also to our excellent local tour guide Luca who greatly enhanced the trips and was appreciated by all the guests. Thanks, too, to the third member of our First for Bridge team, Fran Keene, who was a willing helper, played when needed and added much to our holiday. Continue reading
  • News from the Bridge Room in the Rhine Valley

    Host report by Jacky Baker

    Our first visit to the Rhine Valley saw us staying at the splendid Bellevue Rheinhotel in Boppard, which is situated right on the banks of the imposing river. Boppard is a delightful town, with a central square offering a good variety of pavement cafes and many fine buildings, some of which date back over five hundred years. Its location fairly central in the Upper Middle Rhine is ideal for discovering the region.

    The area known as the “Upper Middle Rhine” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the sixty seven kilometres between Rudesheim and Koblenz is generally recognised to be the most beautiful part of the whole Rhine between the Alps and the North Sea. As our bridge holiday included two river cruises, one South to Rudesheim and the other North to Koblenz and beyond, where the Rhine meets the Moselle, our guests were able to enjoy the wonderful scenery along the whole of this stretch of the river. In addition the local rail station provided fast and efficient services to places such as Koblenz, which offered further scope for exploring the region. Continue reading

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