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  • The Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Stitchtopia


    WWhenever we have the opportunity to meet crafters who haven’t heard of Stitchtopia, they often ask ‘how does it work?’ (and it’s actually really simple!) Each trip is a carefully constructed recipe of everything a holiday is all about – think sightseeing, relaxing hotels & shopping - and then we throw some crafting into the mix! It’s your traditional package holiday but with a whole lot more! If you’re intrigued, we’ve got your Ultimate Guide to Travelling with Stitchtopia sorted!

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  • News from the Bridge Room in Sardinia


    Host report by Barry & Maggie Watts

    The Greeks called it Hyknusa or Ichnussa (Ιχνουσσα), from the greek Ichnos (footprint of human foot) because of its similarity to a large footprint (how would they know?) Sardinia takes its name from the Latin (or Roman).

    Le Ginestre Hotel


    Sardinia, like many other parts of the Mediterranean, saw Phonecian, Carthaginian then Roman rule. However, its history is much longer than most. From Neolithic times the Nuragic civilisation lived on the island and the population today still includes 7,000 Nuraghe. In 1979 human remains were found that dated back to 150,000 BC.

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  • 8 Reasons why you need to travel to India


    I ndia is a country like no other. In the past few years, it's become an exciting new holiday destination for so many people but if you're still on the fence, we've got 8 reasons why you need to take the plunge. Our advice? Get yourself on the bandwagon and experience the rich textiles, vibrant colours and cultural wonders of this quite extraordinary country.

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  • New England with Mandy - The final days


    Our journey through New England and along the freedom trail is fast coming to an end. Our small group has bonded really well and new friendships have been made. We say goodbye to the USA via the most wonderful Niagara Falls. Harriet Tubman made this final journey as well to establish her friends and family in St Catherine’s Canada where they were finally safe and free.

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  • New England with Mandy - Harriet Tubman


    Throughout our journey, our small group of avid quilters have been beavering away at their freedom quilts and hearing stories of Harriet Tubman, a slave who escaped from slavery and returned nineteen times to save her friends and family. We have been following some of the route she took since leaving Boston and now we have arrived at her final home and resting place.

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