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  • 9 Patterns For A Hoppy Handmade Easter

    Easter is just around the corner and this time of year it’s almost impossible not to get involved in some kind of handmade craft. As always, we’ve got your back as we’ve scoured the internet for the best Easter patterns we can find. Our Stitchtopia experts have also been on the case and have rustled up some Easter themed goodies for you to make so grab a cup of tea, sit back and get crafty!

    Felt Easter Bunny

    This hand-sewn bunny is the perfect Easter make. We love the floral accents and fluffy cottontail! Get the pattern here

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  • 9 signs you may be a yarn addict

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  • Last Minute Mother's Day Makes

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  • News from the Bridge Room in the Azores

    Host report by Pauline Durie:

    I confess to having no knowledge of the Azores prior to this holiday. They are an archipelago in the mid-Atlantic. São Miguel - the largest - has lake-filled calderas, a spectacular coastline and even boasts a tea plantation and a ceramics factory renowned for handmade and hand painted pottery.


    Left: Volcano crater and both sides of the island, Right: Green and blue crater lakes, Sete Cidades

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  • A Textile Journey through Japan

    After a long but comfortable flight we arrived in the wonderful country that is Japan. Our itinerary allows no time for jet lag to seep in and we are whisked off to our first visit - the beautiful Meiji Jingu shrine. The coach journey through the streets of Tokyo gives us our first glimpses of the architecture, Japanese people and their homes, all very different from our own. What stands out clearly in this early part of our journey is that there is no litter or rubbish anywhere!

    Japanese textiles is our theme and the Amuse museum, although small, had an exhibition on Boro- this blew my mind!

    Boro means rags and in the Aomori prefecture (area), clothes were made by using pieces of hemp and cotton cloth from clothing once worn by ancestors for generations and generations. Bodoko were sheets used to lie on at night time, laid over beds of straw, sometimes used for childbirth. Receiving the baby onto a Bodoko, once worn by ancestors, meant the baby was not delivered alone. The large coats in the photographs were actually sleeping bags!

    My love of family, storytelling and quilt making is all wrapped up in Boro, so imagine my delight of finding even more Boro in a local flea market!

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