Patchwork & Quilting

  • The Great Knitted Bake Off


    This week, we’re taking crafting inspiration from the new series of Great British Bake off. Every Tuesday we’re left dreaming of the creations baked up by contestants & with very few baking skills to show off, we’ve found a way to play along on our own terms! We’ve rounded up enough sweet treats to feed a small army (or just us on a Friday night!) & the best thing? No calories involved whatsoever!

    So if you're all ready, on your marks, get set... BAKE!

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  • 10 Crafty Projects to get Autumn Ready!


    September has arrived with the end of the week and we all know that means the start of cooler evenings, shorter days and (most importantly) Jumper Season! It's no secret that colder weather causes delight in knitters, but truthfully, the turn of a season is exciting for any budding crafter as it means new textures, patterns and a whole different colour palette to work with! We've gathered the best Autumn projects to get you started! Get prepared for an overload of those familiar oranges, rusty reds & yellows!

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  • Highlights from the Festival of Quilts 2017

    We had a very busy week exhibiting at the Festival of Quilts at the Birmingham NEC last week. The show was incredible and we were in awe of some of the work displayed by some unbelievably talented quilters. The work on display certainly got our creative juices flowing!

    It was inspiring to see what had been created and there were definitely more than a few which caught our eye. It was also so lovely to see messages & meanings behind some of the artwork as it makes the piece take on a whole different meaning once the back story is revealed.

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  • Textile History of Japan

    It’s no secret that a country as culturally rich and beautiful as Japan has an equally detailed textile history to match, so we’ve put a short history together for you to get a taste for these mesmerising textiles! Japanese textiles are world-famous for their intricate design and beautiful colour pallets, which have been evolving for centuries, yet still retain much of their original style and technique.

    Japanese textile designers and weavers have always used a variety of materials including silk, hemp, ramie, cotton and other fibres coupled with an array of weaves and decorative treatments. Read on to find out more about what an important role textiles have played for this stunning country, just waiting for you to discover.

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  • Our Top 5 Free Spring Quilting Patterns!

    free spring quilting patterns

    This Spring we want you to be blooming with inspiration, so we’ve decided to sow the seeds of creativity with five lovely quilting patterns from around the internet! With so much creativity to be tapped into this Spring, we’ve selected some our favourites that you can easily try at home.

    So why not find a pattern that’ll put a spring in your step and refresh your passion for your favourite crafting hobby this season?

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