Report from our recent bridge cruise on Celebrity Eclipse to Iceland

by Judy & Allan Sanis

It was a pleasure to be back on Celebrity Line’s beautiful ship “The Eclipse”. The staff welcomed our “First for Bridge” group and we were once more looked after in the stunning bridge room with floor to ceiling views. Even bridge had to take second place to the sighting of a whale but we played through waterfalls and spectacular fiords! We had the benefit of being a smallish group and we all got to know each other and played bridge in harmony and friendship. The trips our guests chose were varied and included swimming in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, experiencing amazing geological formations dating back to the ice age and four by four off-roading. All the ports we visited were immediately accessible from the ship’s gangway and so walking around and finding a coffee was always an alternative to the organised trips. Once back on the ship the food, the entertainment, the bars and the shopping filled a gap between our twenty bridge sessions. All our regular players won a prize during the two weeks bridge.  So everyone shown in our pictures is a winner. Allan gave four seminars whilst on board and he would like to share the following hand that was a challenge and a source of fun. After a splendid dinner the group settled down to another evening of pairs. You are the opener and you pick up this hand:  S AK H KQ D ---- C AKJ1098642
  • Our first pair had the philosophy - bid what you can make – and opened 6 Clubs.
  • The second pair, wanting to be a little more sophisticated, opened 2D (GF) and on hearing the 2H relay, bid 3C and with a little bit more inconclusive bidding ended up in 6C.
  • Our third pair was even more scientific. The opening bid was 2D  (GF) followed by 2H relay. He then bid 4C setting the suit. Responder cue bid his AH. This left our opener wondering if he had a loser in the club suit. Having learnt at a First for Bridge seminar not to bid a Grand unless you could count 13 tricks he decided to subside in the Small Slam
  • We now come to the fourth pair – our hero! He was the only one to bid to 7C. Having established all the above and throwing caution to the wind out came 7 Clubs from the bidding box. Finding a singleton Club in dummy along with the Heart Ace and the remaining clubs dividing 2-1 he was delighted to chalk up his Grand Slam score.
That was the fun hand and now to an amusing ending. All evening this fourth declarer had been telling everyone how unlucky he had been in a poker tournament at the Casino that day.  Sometimes your luck has to change! No moral to this story – but how would you have bid this hand? “First for Bridge” will be offering their next cruise on the Eclipse in October 2016 when we will be travelling to Spain and the Canaries. We look forward to sailing on the beautiful Celebrity’s Eclipse once again and hope you may consider joining us in the bridge room.


Pat and Peter Perry Pat and Peter Perry
Anne and Michael Filer Anne and Michael Filer
Rosemary and Lewis Selby Rosemary and Lewis Selby
Andy Cook Andy Cook
Rosemary and Lauri Andrews Rosemary and Lauri Andrews
Pat and Paul Irish Pat and Paul Irish
Norman Morris Norman Morris
Kate Powrie and Joan Middleton Kate Powrie and Joan Middleton
Eve and Lawrence Thorne Eve and Lawrence Thorne
Jane and Chris Matthews Jane and Chris Matthews
Katy and Michael Graves Katy and Michael Graves
Jane and David Karfoot Jane and David Karfoot
Margaret Spencer and Allan Margaret Spencer and Allan