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  • A Textile Journey through Japan

    After a long but comfortable flight we arrived in the wonderful country that is Japan. Our itinerary allows no time for jet lag to seep in and we are whisked off to our first visit - the beautiful Meiji Jingu shrine. The coach journey through the streets of Tokyo gives us our first glimpses of the architecture, Japanese people and their homes, all very different from our own. What stands out clearly in this early part of our journey is that there is no litter or rubbish anywhere!

    Japanese textiles is our theme and the Amuse museum, although small, had an exhibition on Boro- this blew my mind!

    Boro means rags and in the Aomori prefecture (area), clothes were made by using pieces of hemp and cotton cloth from clothing once worn by ancestors for generations and generations. Bodoko were sheets used to lie on at night time, laid over beds of straw, sometimes used for childbirth. Receiving the baby onto a Bodoko, once worn by ancestors, meant the baby was not delivered alone. The large coats in the photographs were actually sleeping bags!

    My love of family, storytelling and quilt making is all wrapped up in Boro, so imagine my delight of finding even more Boro in a local flea market!

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  • Hearts & Crafts by our Stitchtopia Experts


    We just adore this lovely bag by Carol. She has personalised and decorated a canvas bag with a simple heart motif making it an adorable Valentines project. She suggested using the bag to add your 'sweethearts' favourite things this Valentine’s day. After all, wrapping paper is so outdated!

    The pattern can be viewed in Carol’s book ’3-minute Crochet’.

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  • News from the Bridge Room in Lanzarote 2018

    Host report by Barry Watts:

    As you approach Lanzarote Airport from seaward there is a hint of golf links looking unnaturally green. Other than this the island of Lanzarote resembles a giant cinder. Leaving the airport, heading south, the island looks barren and as the drive continues it becomes a wild broken landscape of old volcanic peaks and huge solidified lava flows. In this black, red and brown volcanic chaos it seems incongruous to be heading for the Playa Blanca (white beach!) and the name of the Hotel, Rubicon Palace, sounds like one step beyond.


    The hotel is beautiful. The Rubicon Palace has been upgraded to five stars since our last visit and the main entrance hall, in which the Reception sits, is now magnificent. The rooms are spacious and most have glorious sea views across the straits to the island of Fuerteventura to the South.

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  • Whether Burma or Myanmar, what a fascinating country

    Maurice and I have recently returned from three weeks in Myanmar which included most of the itinerary of our Thread Your Way Through Burma tour that departs in November. I was heavily involved in putting the Stitchtopia tour together which led to an urge to see the country for myself. Forgive our ramblings but we thought you might like to know how we got on. Who knows it might whet your appetite to book and go in November!

    We stayed in most of the hotels on the November itinerary and discovered a country with a wealth of diverse textiles and crafts. Our local agent became quite excited about some of the textile interest we found. As a result, we have made a number of enhancements to the tour providing even more opportunity to meet local crafters in this fascinating country where tourism is in its infancy. That means unspoilt, authentic experiences through seeing people genuinely going about their daily lives. Lin Lin our guide showed so much interest in getting your tour right that we have asked him to accompany you throughout.

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  • 10 photos that will make you want to visit the Faroe Islands


    We've been visiting the Faroe Islands for a few years now and absoloutely love the peace and tranquility this stunning part of the world has to offer! The unspoilt natural beauty is such great inspiration and since these islands have such a strong affinity with knitting, it just makes sense to get the yarn & needles out! If you're still hesitant, these stunning photos may change your mind...

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