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  • Spring into step! Top tips for sprucing up your yarn stash!

    spring clean your yarn stash

    Spring clean your yarn stash!

    With the season of spring cleaning almost upon us and our days getting longer, warmer and brighter - what better time is there to get your yarn in order? There’s nothing more frustrating than left-over and mismatched skeins laying around, so now is the time to breathe new life into your stash and re-introduce some spring freshness!

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  • Chat with Pat Archibald

    One of our lovely quilt experts Pat Archibald will be leading our popular textile holiday to Vietnam later this year. Pat’s fascination with quilting started at a very early age after playing with her grandmother’s scrap bag! Since then she has been a co-owner of Scotland’s first dedicated patchwork and quilting shop, has taught specialist textile classes to students from far and wide and has had her wonderful work widely exhibited in the UK, Europe and in the USA. We chat to Pat more about her love of quilting and how her travels inspire her work.

    We are very excited for you to be leading our Textures of Vietnam trip this November. Can you give us an idea of what you will be teaching in your workshops and what you are most looking forward to revisiting?

    I am looking forward to revisiting some of the hidden valleys and the ethnic minorities that live there who have a wonderful heritage of stitching and weaving. Bac Ha market in the north of Vietnam is exciting in terms of colour and textiles. My workshops will be based on the colours of the areas and will take inspiration from the local stitching patterns.
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  • Spotlight on Karin Hellaby

    This week we have been having a natter with leading quilt expert Karin Hellaby. Karin’s teaching has taken her all over Europe and beyond. She is a regular teacher at the Houston International Quilt Show and has taught in New Zealand, Dubai and most of North America! Karin has recently returned from teaching on our quilting retreat on the beautiful island of Madeira. Later this year she will also be leading two Stitchtopia quilting trips South Africa and the Faroe Islands.

    Here Karin gives us the low-down on how her love for quilting blossomed at a church hall, how her passion helped support her sons through university and how she is lost without her much loved Bernina machine!

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  • Q&A with Louise Kelly

    Louise, welcome to the Stitchtopia family! We are very excited to have you on board and to have you leading our Stitch and Quilt holiday to County Donegal in September. What are you most looking forward to about this trip and what can our stitchers expect on this trip?

    Thank you, I am so happy to be part of Stitchtopia and really excited to welcome everyone to beautiful Donegal and Northern Ireland. I really love where I am from, so apart from all the stitchy escapades that we will get up to I am most excited for everyone to see and experience what this wonderful part of the world has to offer. You will meet many a friendly face here, lots of hospitality and plenty of good old ‘Craic’.
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  • Spotlight on Janice Gunner

    Our leading quilting expert Janice Gunner speaks to us about her love for Japanese and African fabrics, how she feels lost without her much loved sewing bag and how she funded her first home made quilt through pocket money as a child!

    Janice, you are an award-winning quilter, author and teacher. Tell us how you discovered quilting and how you first became passionate about it.

    I began quilting in 1974, not long after I got married. I had made most of my own clothes for many years and couldn’t bear to throw away the left-over fabric, although my first ‘quilt’ was made from fabric samples I had bought from a local market stall as a child with my pocket money! I joined 8” squares together to make a big enough piece to cover the bed. No pattern, just instinct!
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