Stitchtopia Experts

Our Stitchtopia holidays include knitting, crochet, patchwork, quilting, textile and stitching experts who help you get the most out of your holiday. Each holiday is different, but the focus will always be on perfecting your craft. Our experts' guidance will give you the opportunity to pick up lots of new tips and techniques in their inspirational workshops, making your holiday truly unforgettable.

Knitting & Crochet Experts

Juliet Bernard

Juliet Bernard was the Editor of The Knitter magazine for more than 5 years from it’s launch and now works with many brands such as KnitPro, Stylecraft and the UK Hand Knitting Association.

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Juliet writes for many of the foremost knitting magazines including The Knitter, Debbie bliss Magazine and her blog is hosted on Huffington Post. Juliet is an expert knitter and teaches Continental and Fair Isle knitting.

Katrina í Geil

Katrina í Geil is a textile and knitting designer of international standing who has given lectures and workshops in Iceland, Denmark, Finland and the USA and exhibitions of her work have travelled all over Europe.

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Her work focuses on innovation of the traditional Faroese craft and culture. Her two and a half days of knitting workshops will focus on a project working with local patterns yet using your senses and local inspiration to create a personal design under her guidance.

Sara Huntington

Sara Huntington has been knitting and crocheting for over 20 years and worked as a crochet designer before her current job as Editor of Simply Crochet Magazine. Her work has been published in several books and she has been teaching crochet workshops since 2007 in and around Somerset where she lives.

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Hélène Magnússon

Hélène Magnússon, 'The Icelandic Knitter', is a leading knit designer in Iceland. Born in 1969, she has both the Icelandic and French nationality but was brought up in France.

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Hélène’s passion for textiles led her to extensively research Icelandic knitting traditions. She is the author of two important patterns books about Icelandic knitting: Icelandic Color Knitting: using rose-patterns brought back to life the unique Icelandic intarsia as seen in old shoe-inserts and Icelandic Handknits: 25 Heirloom projects and techniques gives an overview of the various knitting traditions in the 19th century and beginning of 20th century. Her expertise has earned her the respect of textile historians and museum curators in Iceland and worldwide. Hélène believes the best way to preserve traditions is to continue using them.

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Carol Meldrum

Carol Meldrum is a textile designer, workshop tutor and author of many popular knitting and crochet titles. She is also the creative force behind the fashion accessories label Beatknit.

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Carol Meldrum is a textile designer, workshop tutor and author of many popular knitting and crochet titles. She is also the creative force behind the fashion accessories label Beatknit. She has worked within the textile industry as a designer for many High Street fashion outlets as well as internationally renowned hand knit label Rowan.

Carol is a successful workshop tutor teaching all aspects of knit and crochet on an informal basis to both groups and individuals.

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Patchwork, Quilting, Textiles & Stitching Experts

Pat Archibald

Pat is a UK textile artist and tutor and is based in Edinburgh, her work is now widely exhibited both in the UK, Europe and in the USA and has brought her some wonderful awards.

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Pat loves to travel both around her home country as well as further afield. As her own horizons grow literally, then so too do the experiences that she can then express in her quilt making. She feels that each collection of quilts has its own unique identity and captures the essence of her view of the country or city.

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Janice Gunner

Janice Gunner is an award winning textile artist, quilter, teacher and author. Her work is shown widely in solo and group exhibitions at home and overseas. Since 1999, she has travelled far and wide with invitations to teach in Australia, Japan, USA & more.

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Janice has been teaching patchwork and quilting for 20 years, turning freelance as a Textile artist in 1999, allowing her the opportunity to indulge in her passion to make quilted textile art and to teach both nationally and internationally. Janice's work is continually evolving, current themes involve using her own hand dyed Shibori fabrics, Japanese and/or African Fabrics to produce work in a variety of styles and techniques.

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Karin Hellaby

Karin Hellaby is an internationally known quilt teacher and author of 10 quilting books and numerous patterns. She is a regular teacher at the Houston International Quilt Show and has also been invited to teach at quilting symposiums in New Zealand, Dubai and the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Oregon.

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Her teaching travels have taken her all over North America and to many European countries. Her style is to very much multi technique always finding ways to make patchwork simple, quick and fun to learn. Karin also owns one of the biggest quilt shops in the UK, Quilters Haven, which has been thriving for 21 years.

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Philippa Naylor

Philippa Naylor is an award winning quilter and textile artist. She combines her technical expertise and designer training to produce intricately pieced, applique or whole-cloth quilts which are heavily machine quilted often utilising trapunto.

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Philippa has had great success in quilt shows both in the UK and America and has won many prizes - most notably the AQS ‘Bernina Workmanship Award’ with "Pop Stars" in 2002 and AQS 'Best of Show'' with "Lime Light" in 2003.

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Mandy Shaw

Mandy Shaw is a well-known personality within the craft community. She is the owner of Dandelion Designs, a well established internet based family run company.

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Mandy currently appears regularly on Create and Craft TV showing her gorgeous patterns and kits for her handmade and machine craft projects.

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