Our Tour Managers

Our hand-picked Tour Managers are there to make sure everything on your holiday runs smoothly. Chosen not only for their high levels of experience, but for their friendly and easy-going approach, your Tour Manager will be on hand at all times to answer any questions, ease any worries and see to any special requests. 

That’s not to say they’ll be an overriding presence on your trip. Our Tour Managers understand how important it is that you have the freedom to enjoy your holiday without someone checking up on you at every turn. But they’ll be there if you need them, offering a reassuring presence 24 hours a day.

Their brief is simple: to ensure you get the most from your trip, and they can be of particular value if you’re travelling alone. They’ll help ease you into the group – or not, if that’s your preference, but they’ll always be available. They also have plenty of interesting tales to tell and stories to share, so are a guaranteed source of entertainment and fascinating facts.

The other important role for our Tour Managers is to help us provide even better holidays year on year. They’re our eyes and ears when a trip is in full swing, and can provide vital feedback on anything they think can be improved upon, or feed us new ideas to be added to the itinerary.