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Russia, which covers a seventh of the earth’s total land mass, is the largest country in the world. Sharing borders with 14 other countries, the cultures, traditions and religions that meet and intermingle across this fascinating country are innumerable. As diverse as it is enormous, Russia offers something to intrigue all, culturally, visually or historically, from glittering imperial cities to folkloric timbered churches. Russian art history is generally understood to begin in the 10th century BC – when the country adopted Orthodox Christianity – and Russia’s cultural evolution from this point forward has been varied and dramatic. Our tours within this gigantic land take in just some of the many treasures the country has to offer. St Petersburg, the elaborate vision of Peter the Great, was built to rival the most beautiful cities of Europe; stroll its elegant avenues or take in the treasures of the Hermitage Museum, one of the world’s most major art collections. For those looking to explore a little off the beaten track, the towns and cities of Russia’s Golden Ring preserve the memory of the country’s fascinating past. Rich in architectural delights and traditional Russian culture, and set within unspoilt rural landscapes, such settlements offer a glimpse of the many riches this vast country has to offer.
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