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With breath-taking alpine landscapes, cutting-edge architecture and coveted art collections, Switzerland is surely one of Europe’s most stylish destinations. Culturally, the country has absorbed much from neighbouring France, Germany and Italy, reformulating these influences into something uniquely Swiss. Indeed, French, German and Italian are three of the country’s four official languages (Romansh being the fourth), meaning that visiting different parts of this seemingly diminutive country can often feel like travelling to another country all together. One of the world’s richest countries, Switzerland has invested its money well, a highly efficient infrastructure ensures the country runs on time, and in comfort, whilst often understated, though no less impressive, contemporary architectural jewels litter the streets of its many major cities. Thankfully, this reverence for innovation is matched by a respect for history, with everything from fairy tale castles to atmospheric mediaeval streets and imposing gothic cathedrals preserved and celebrated across the country. Marvel at art and architecture by masters old and new, nourish stomach and soul with a hearty fondue or some world-famous chocolate and be inspired by innovations in design and technology as you relax into Swiss life. 
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