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Great British Art History Tours

Sometimes, the realisation that myriad treasures await discovery on one’s own doorstep, can be the most thrilling of all. Our selection of British tours offer you the chance to explore the United Kingdom afresh, uncovering hidden pockets of beauty, tranquillity and architectural mastery and revealing the rich and ancient history that has shaped this varied land. Brush against mediaeval greatness in Northumbria, one of Britain’s most powerful kingdoms in in the 7th and 8th centuries, which is epitomised in mighty Durham Cathedral, perhaps Britain’s finest Romanesque structure. Stroll the landscapes of Capability Brown, ‘England’s greatest gardener’, study charming Norman carvings at Kilpeck Church in Herefordshire, or bathe, quite literally should you desire, in the elegant surrounds of Georgian Bath, one of Britain’s most picturesque cities. Further Georgian treasures await discovery in Yorkshire, such as Robert Adam’s sumptuous interiors at Newby Hall, or the captivating gardens of Studley Royal, just one of the UK’s thirty plus UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Comfortable hotels, lovely restaurants and expert lecturers have all been carefully curated to further enhance your travels through this green and pleasant land.
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