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Holland's Hidden Treasures

17 August 2021

5 days from £1,775pp

Wander the path less trodden and discover the hidden treasures of Holland’s picture-perfect landscape. Explore the charming and historical harbour towns of Enkhuizen and Hoorn, wander Edam’s famous cheese market and take to the waters along the scenic River Vecht.
  • Bask in the Golden Age atmosphere of beautiful historic towns such as Hoorn and Enkhuizen
  • Enjoy a scenic cruise along the River Vecht and take in picturesque Dutch landscapes and wealthy merchant homes
  • Experience the lively summer cheese market in beautiful Edam
  • Travel off the beaten path to discover beautiful corners of Holland
It is often said that ‘God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands’. This is particularly true of Holland, the coastal area that now comprises the provinces of North and South Holland. Much of the flat man-made land was won from the sea through clever engineering with dikes, canals and mills: a landscape that inspired numerous painters with pastures and cows producing the famous Dutch cheeses. Approximately 26% of the country lies below sea level, with the lowest point being over 22 ft below the average sea level. In the mediaeval period Holland was already a wealthy county. In 1327 the young king Edward III of England married Philippa of Hainault, daughter of Count William III of Holland, who had married off another daughter to the Holy Roman Emperor. In 1432 Holland became part of the expanding Burgundian realm and in 1477 part of the Habsburg empire through the marriage of the last Burgundian heiress, duchess Mary, to the future Emperor Maximilian I. The Dutch Revolt or Eighty Years’ War (1568-1648) resulted in the establishment of the Dutch Republic with Amsterdam as its capital and Holland as the most populated area. Holland was always a maritime region with fishing and trading ports, such as Hoorn and Enkhuizen. The foundation of the Dutch East India Company in 1602 made the seafaring Republic a global power, rich through its overseas trade and conquests. This wealth is reflected in the town houses of the rich merchants and their country estates, e.g. along the river Vecht, but also in civic buildings such as town halls, guild halls and almshouses. It is this aspect of Dutch art and culture that we shall be exploring on this tour through visits to Holland’s hidden treasures.

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Amrath Grand Hotel Frans Hals, Haarlem

Our accommodation is at the four star Amrath Grand Hotel Frans Hals situated in the centre of Haarlem and close to the main sites. A stained glass roof over the central staircase is a feature in this comfortable, modern hotel, which also features a bar and room service. 
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