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Eugenia Alexiou

Eugenia was born in Athens. She studied Archaeology and Art History in the National University of Athens.
She has a Master on Byzantine Art whereas her real 'passion' is Prehistoric Aegean civilization since she participated in the excavations on Santorini island,one of the most important sites of Bronze Age and amongst the greatest excavations in Greece.
Since 2006 she is working as a licenced tour guide all over Greece after having graduated the Tour Guide School of Athens.
"I am so fortunate to come from a harmonious typical Greek family that always encouraged me to do and study only what I really loved. My love for the ancient ruins, the myths, the people, the flavours and aromas ,the depth of history were so encouraged by family travels and summers spent in nature .After I graduated, I decided that I want to share all this beauty along with my positive perspectives with all travellers who visit my country"
She loves teaching since she used to teach as a tutor history and ancient Greek literature, dancing, since she participated in the opening and closing ceremony of the 2004 Olympics and ,what else, travelling all over the world.. A wonderful person with a great smile!”