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Trier and the Moselle Roman ruins and medieval monuments

23 May 2023

5 days

Discover one of Germany’s oldest cities, wine-growing villages, romantic timbered houses, and excellent Moselle Rießlings on this Art Pursuits tour of Trier and the Moselle.
  • Visit a prestigious Bernkastel wine-grower to taste some renown wines
  • An exclusive visit to the late Roman burial ground beneath the church of St Maximin
  • Visit the Cusanus library in Bernkastel with rich book treasures
  • Private visit to the inner sanctum of the Abbey of St Matthias
Trier, one of Germany’s oldest cities and the only imperial Roman residence north of the Alps, is home to seven Roman UNESCO World Heritage sites, a monumental medieval double-church complex, and exquisite archaeological museums and treasuries. Trier’s imperial status is reflected in its mighty Roman architecture; vast, intricate mosaic floors; large-scale sculpted monuments and delicate glassware of the finest quality. At the end of the 5th century, nothing was left of the once pulsating urban life of Trier and its 50,000 inhabitants. But the seed of Christianity sown in its glory days had put down strong roots and the bishops of Trier, soon to be archbishops, filled the power vacuum and emerged as secular rulers. The “Holy City” of Trier was soon filled with churches, convents and collegiate foundations and the Archbishop of Trier became one of the seven prince-electors who exerted great political influence. The sturdy Romanesque cathedral and the Church of Our Lady, an imitation of French Gothic style, bear witness to this period. Likewise, the imperial abbey of St Maximin evolved as an institution resonant with political and cultural impact. Its political status ensured that Trier became an artistic treasure-chest enshrining intriguing illuminated manuscripts, resplendent goldsmiths’ work, enamels and acclaimed sculpture, in wood and stone. The city is imbedded in the panoramic Moselle valley with scenery that changes from steep slopes to soft terraces encircled by the meandering river. Discover small, wine-growing villages with romantic timbered houses, a maze of small cobblestone alleys and excellent Moselle Rießlings.