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Austria is a country of dramatic landscapes, imperial cities, quaint alpine villages, rolling vineyards, and castles and palaces that are the grandiose witnesses of a bygone era.  

Steeped in tradition and regal elegance, the sophisticated capital of Vienna gives a fascinating insight into Imperial Austria. Look beyond the splendour of the Habsburg palaces toward the surrounding hills and, perhaps a little surprisingly, you’ll find vineyards – the city is the only capital in the world growing wine within its boundaries.

From history and heritage to breathtaking landscapes and spectacular waterways, unlock the secrets of this incredible country with Arena Travel.

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Austria Highlights

Better known are the idyllic terraced vineyards of the tranquil Wachau Valley. Here, the beautiful Benedictine Abbey of Melk has been the symbol of the valley, and a spiritual and cultural hub of Austria for more than 900 years. Following in royal footsteps through Lower Austria, the ruin and Abbey Church of Durnstein is famous for the imprisonment of Richard the Lionheart. In Upper Austria, Linz contrasts centuries-old architecture with the striking glass-and-steel Lentos Museum of Art. Not to be missed is charming Salzburg, the city of Mozart and ‘The Sound of Music,’ with its charming Old Town lined with cafes, galleries and shops.  

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  • Explore the 11th century Melk AbbeyView Tour
  • Sample Kaffee und kuchen (coffee and cake) in one of Vienna's many coffee housesView Tour

Local Information

  • Capital Vienna
  • Language German 
  • Currency Euro 
  • Tip 5-15%
  • Time Zone GMT +1
  • Electricity Type F (two-pin) 230V

Must See

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage city of Vienna with its Grand Palaces, baroque castles and magnificent squares

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Key Information

Austria by rail

For a country as varied as Austria, travelling by rail is the perfect way to experience both the beautifully constructed cities and the vast hills, rocky peaks and glistening rivers of Austria’s picturesque countryside. The true elegance of a country can often go unnoticed, but you can experience Austria's beauty in its entirety as you weave through it by train at a leisurely pace.

Vienna Fantastic cities

Vienna, Austria's capital city, plays host to a number of Europe's most iconic buildings, landmarks and public squares, with Hofburg Palace and the Stadtpark offered as two shining examples. The magnificent city centre is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list and bears over 150 grand palaces.

Food and drink

With the country landlocked between Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic , it was inevitable that Austria would embrace a range of culinary influences, and it is this mishmash of influences that are reflected in the nation's iconic sweet pastries and strong beer. Wiener schnitzel is one of Austria's most famed dishes; you can get it as a convenient street snack or from a high-class restaurant. As well as beer, Austria also produces high-quality wine, with a number of vineyards dotted around the capital city of Vienna.

Rich cultural history

Austria's famous cities bear a rich history of art, music and architecture. Vienna's Staatsoper [state opera] is one of the world's most esteemed opera houses, both for its design and its musical significance – with the works of Austrian composers Mozart and Johann Strauss II often performed at the 19th century landmark.