Why Iceland is a knitter’s paradise

Iceland is known for it’s spectacular scenery. Lava flows, glaciers and hot springs tempt thousands of tourists to visit Iceland every year in the hope to explore the fascinating natural landscapes. But this country has a secret weapon hidden amongst it’s natural beauty… Knitting!

French Chateau Quilt Retreat, by Pat Archibald

Back in August, Pat Archibald led a Stitchtopia group of quilters to a beautiful Chateau nestled in the French Alps for a week of sun, sights and stitching. They spent ...

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A yarn lover’s guide to the Shetland Islands

Scattered between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea lies a place of rugged splendour and a fascinating fusion of Scottish and Norse culture – the Shetland Islands! The blend ...

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Andrew's Bridge Tips

Andrew’s Bridge Tips – The Unassuming Cue Bid (Part 1)

You are East, holding hand (i). Only your opponents are vulnerable. The auction starts as in auction 1. What is your bid? You have a total of at least 9

Textiles of Vietnam: The Black Hmong of Sapa

It’s no secret that Vietnam is a creative’s paradise. Small communities lie at the heart of Vietnam’s crafting traditions, driving them into the modern day and keeping ancient techniques alive. ...

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32nd Official Queen Fan Club Convention Report

With the 33rd Queen Convention just around the corner, we thought we’d share our report from last year’s convention! ...

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12 Great Underrated 70s Tracks by Queen

Ask Joe Bloggs to name a Queen song and 9 times out of 10 you’re going to hear “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Don’t Stop Me Now” or “Another One Bites the Dust” ...

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Alison’s Adventures – August 2018

It’s hard to believe that today is the last day of August, and what a busy month it’s been! ...

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News from the Bridge Room in the French Chateau 2018

Host report by Rob & Rosa Richardson: The Château, for those of you that have yet to visit, is a wonderful historic building – parts of which date back to ...

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