Crafty New Year Resolutions

With the New Year approaching here at Stitchtopia HQ we have decided to make a resolution that is easy to keep; to be more ‘crafty’!

Our experts have had the same idea and between them plan to learn new techniques, knit more and use their stash of supplies on making fun projects. Read on to see what other crafty New Year resolutions our experts are promising to keep!

“My resolution is to go on a one year yarn diet. I have so much stash I need to design some really fun projects to use it up. Whether I make it through a whole year remains to be seen!”
– Juliet Bernard

“In collaboration with Elizabeth Johnston ( I will be making another instructional film which will be available as download or DVD.”

– Hazel Tindall

“Now this year’s resolution is easy, I am to fill in my year planner early and stick to it. I will learn to say ‘No’ very nicely, easy!”

– Mandy Shaw

“My New Year’s resolution is to spend more time on my own work or I won’t have enough pieces for forthcoming exhibitions!”

– Janice Gunner

“Knit more, travel more!”

– Debbie Bliss

“My New Year’s Resolution is to learn how to do tatting and not just say I will! I’ve had my Grandmas tatting shuttles for years and would love to learn the basics before exploring the possibilities.”

– Carol Meldrum

“My resolution is to do some creative doodling/sketching every day.”

– Pat Archibald

“My crafting New Year resolution is to write my next book! ‘Jelly Roll Bargello’ proved to be such a hit at the International Quilt festival in Houston this year that I have been invited back to teach the class again. Students loved the technique and wanted more patterns and these will be in the new book. My deadline, is to have the book ready for The Festival of Quilts in August 2017.

It was in Assisi, Italy on a quilting retreat organised by Arena Travel that I first taught this Bargello patchwork. I chose the project as it had links to the beautiful Italian Bargello embroidery. The results were beautiful and I know this book will be a success. I now just have to find the time in early New Year to write it!

BTW In early February I will be teaching on an Arena Travel retreat to Madeira. Amongst the many projects you can choose to work on, will be a new Bargello quilt.”

– Karin Hellaby

“I’ve kept postponing (for 7 years) the release of a book about Icelandic lace dresses because I needed to first make a suitable Icelandic lace yarn for it – it took all that time to make the, my Icelandic lambswool lace yarn Gilitrutt Tviband, I HAVE to finish the book! It’s been hanging over me for such a long time, I’m so stressed and fear it will never be completed )- so 2017 will be the year! Also the woman that inspired this book has just turned 100 years old!”

– Helene Magnusson

Do you keep your New Year’s Resolutions?

Do you keep your New Year’s resolutions? Recent research shows that 32% of Brits usually plan to make a New Year’s resolution but that 63% failed to keep to it. With one in ten people wanting to make more ‘me time’ as their resolution an easy way to keep this resolution is to go on a crafting holiday! Crafting holidays are a great fun way to indulge in ‘me time’ as well as visiting some of the most beautiful and fascinating locations in the world, whilst meeting new like-minded friends – or taking a friend along to share the experience.