News from the Bridge Room in Jersey

Host Report by Kathy Williams

St. Brelades Bay Hotel, Jersey

Set in the beautiful bay of St. Brelades and just 10 minutes from the airport, is the St. Brelades Bay Hotel. I can’t praise highly enough the service, food and facilities.
Our first evening meal, accompanied by a complimentary glass of wine, was excellent as were all the meals. In fact, in my 19 years of running holidays with bridge this was the best food I have ever had.

The hotel has 2 swimming pools, health centre, spa and lovely gardens – something for everyone.


The local buses run frequently to take you into St. Helier where there are a variety of shops and markets and no VAT. Car hire is relatively cheap and there are plenty of stunning bays to visit, such as Corbiere with its light house, Elizabeth Castle, Jersey Zoo, the War Tunnels and the Eric Young Orchid Foundation.

Eddie guided a walk around the lovely Val de la Mare Reservoir and the rumour that he got the group lost was unfounded as they all returned safely. Eddie did say that you can’t be lost if you don’t know where you’re going!!

Bridge sessions were very relaxed and enjoyable looking out to the sea. What a stunning vista whilst playing bridge.

A thoroughly enjoyable break.

Front Hotel

Director’s Report by Eddie Williams

Too many hands that gave problems to discuss but here is a hand that made life interesting.

Director Report

Auction 1 Double from North helped South to upgrade their hand. ¹ Roman Keycard Blackwood

² I have one or 4 Key cards. Easy for North to bid six knowing that partner has the King of hearts.

Auction 2 Double by North over 1C should have encouraged partner to bid more than 3H, but North perhaps could have done better subsequently. ¹The 4C bid by North was meant as a cue bid, but was surely wasted when holding all 4 first round controls.

Auction 3 South opening of 2H is often employed these days as a weak 2 holding only a 5-card suit with 3 honours, but unusual to be holding 4-cards in the other major. North could see nothing to think about or even to ask of his partner and just went straight to six.

My personal favourite is auction 3 but my partner perhaps wouldn’t agree.

Prize Winners

Winners welcome pairs

Michael Buckley & Jennifer Fallows

Chris Wall & Jenifer Kerr

Winners of the Swiss pairs

Raymond & Brenda Jenkinson


Winners farewell pairs

Valerie & Chris Wormleighton
Helen & Jake Vowles

Winners of random teams & the multiple teams

Tony & Iris Oates, Barbara & Terry Neal