News from the Bridge Room in Rab, Croatia

Host report by Kathy Williams:

The island of Rab is one of Croatia’s larger islands and probably one of the most beautiful.

Our hotel overlooked the old town of Rab, which was a 20 minute walk around the bay or a 5 minute ride in one of the taxi boats which went from the jetty outside the hotel.


Our guide Natali did a guided walk of old Rab, taking us to all the best view points.

You cannot go to Croatia and not do an island hopping day out. Most of the group went on a glorious day stopping at two islands. The first was an old island prison from the time of Tito and used initially to incarcerate male Political prisoners. A Noddy train took us around this island and we saw a lot of the old concrete prison buildings, now derelict. It definitely gave us food for thought.

Lunch was served when we returned to the boat (fish or meat) along with wine.

The second island was for female prisoners. Some swam here or hand fed the deer.

After this island we travelled on to a beautiful bay for swimming from the boat. Janet from our group was brave enough to swim.


As we returned to Rab our captain gave us a grand view of the old town of Rab.

There was plenty of walking to do around the bays and through forests. All had wonderful views of this very special coastline.

Some of the group went to the city of Rijeka, just an hour and a half away by fast catamaran.

On the last day 10 of us decided to go to the hilltop restaurant Kamenjak we had heard so much about. We had a great lunch with spectacular views.


The weather was extremely hot throughout the holiday. The hotel, staff & food were great.

A happy holiday with some great memories.

Director’s report by Eddie Williams:

Board 21 from the first session Swiss Pairs:


This deal caused a few problems: I was taught to try and picture what the final contract might be as the auction progresses. Agreed that is not always easy, but west surely had no problem with imagining a 6♣ or 6♠ contract before the auction even started.

Some of the auctions:


Auction 1 N/S made their 4 heart contract and west rightly questioned why partner hadn’t opened.

Auction 2 west correctly believed that partner must be asking with the 4NT bid and duly responded, showing one key card. East bid 4NT because of partners’ 3♣ knowing that partner must have a distributional hand (spades & clubs). East’s 6♣ bid was the safe choice, and knew partner would convert to 6♠ if the spade suit was solid.

Auction 3 west’s choice of a double was not helpful to partner because it could show a minimum response with just 4 spades but surely east could bid 6♣ after partner freely bid 5♣.

It is not always easy to bid Minor suit slams but I think with west’s hand they could not be thinking of bidding anything less than a slam.

Winners of the N/S Farewell Pairs

Michael Brent & Neil Crawford

Winners of the Championship Pairs

Arthur & Ann Kent

Winners of the Multiple Teams

Patrick Hodson, Paul & Lesley Sweet & Phil Ottewell

Winners of the Open Pairs, Winners of the E/W Butler Pairs & Winners of the E/W Farewell Pairs

Moira McNair & Gordon Burnett

Winners of the Swiss Pairs & Winners of the Butler Pairs N/S

Lesley Sweet & Patrick Hodson

Lesley Sweet & Patrick Hodson - winners of the Swiss Pairs & winners Butler Pairs NS

Winners of the Welcome Pairs & Winners of the Butler Pairs N/S

Jane Spence & Ken White