Host report from our Bridge holiday to the Chateau des Comtes de Challes







By Andy & Chris Simmons

This was First for Bridge’s first visit to the Chateau des Comtes de Challes. Located in the French Alps, the Chateau has stunning views from spacious gardens to the valley below and to the backdrop of snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Mr Florian Teves, the owner of the Chateau, greeted us on our first day at the welcome meeting. After that there was a wine tasting in the extensive cellars appropriately located beneath the Chateau. This was a foretaste of things to come because this holiday was all about sumptuous wine and fine dining, both of which were dispensed by caring and attentive staff. Rated by the Michellin-Guide as Two Star, the restaurant served us dinners every day in a lovely outdoor setting – an experience to be savoured. Each morning the extensive continental breakfast was supplemented with English cooked breakfast especially for us. The Chateau pulled out all the stops to make our stay gastronomically memorable.

The exceptionally hot weather was unusual by local standards and the Chateau provided extra fans for the rooms. There were also many shady spots in the gardens and the well-apportioned bridge room, offering bridge twice daily on most days, was fully air-conditioned.

Three guided tours were on offer in this 10-day holiday and most of the guests took advantage. In addition, there were other local attractions that guests enjoyed. From the nearby casino one guest returned smiling after a big win. Another took a glider flight from the nearby aerodrome to soar high above the mountain tops for views over the Matterhorn and beyond.

Altogether this holiday was a unique experience.

Many thanks to the management and staff at the Chateau for making our stay so pleasant and memorable. This was our first tour of duty as bridge hosts so thanks to Bob Baker for getting us started with the equipment and to our Bridge Director Andrew Kambites who helped to make our role enjoyable.