Knitting in Umbria with Debbie Abrahams

What better way to spend a week than relaxing in Italy with a knitted project, surrounded by beautiful scenery. On the knitting retreat  to Umbria I travelled with fourteen enthusiastic knitters to Lake Trasimeno where we enjoyed seven days of relaxation in the sun with our knitting needles and yarn. Our Hotel Lido was nestled on the side of the lake and had stunning views which we were able to enjoy from our rooms, the restaurant and the pool. And we were spoilt with the weather too, with clear blue skies and hot sunny weather every day.

The small town of Lake Trasimeno is very charming with some wonderful cafes and restaurants and a Gelateria which our tour rep voted the best place to buy ice-cream in Umbria. So you can guess where most of the ladies disappeared to at some point every day! There were also several shops close to the hotel filled with locally made ceramics, decorated with colourful patterns of fruit, vegetables, birds and traditional motifs.

There were just a couple of optional trips planned which were a trip by ferry across to the island of Isola Maggiore and a visit to Perugia including a visit to see a local weaver in her studio. And although we all loved our little spot by the lake, most of the group opted to go on the trips, eager to explore more of the area. Some of the ladies who felt more adventurous planned their own short excursions and walks during the week, returning to the group with tales of where they had been and what they had seen.

The knitting project kept everyone busy and we had dedicated workshop times planned into the week where the ladies could meet up together to knit. The project was a cushion-cover and it included intarsia, beading, stripe patterns and some lace too, coloured in a palette inspired by the Umbrian landscape. The ladies seemed to enjoy working on it and they all did very well, some of them learning a technique for the first time and others brushing up on their existing skills.

It was a lovely relaxing week and a great mix of travel and knitting in the most wonderful setting. And with the best Umbrian ice-cream on offer every day (and only a short walk from our hotel!), we could not have had a better and more enjoyable week away together in the sun.