New England with Mandy – Harriet Tubman


Throughout our journey, our small group of avid quilters have been beavering away at their freedom quilts and hearing stories of Harriet Tubman, a slave who escaped from slavery and returned nineteen times to save her friends and family. We have been following some of the route she took since leaving Boston and now we have arrived at her final home and resting place.


We had a most amazing talk and guide, Paul, who just made our visit more animated. Harriet set up a home for the aged and nursed her parents there. She purchased the land and bred pigs, sold apples from her orchard and produce from her land. We even saw her Whites treadle sewing machine.


This is a new photograph recently found of Harriet. The quilt is mine, the blocks tell a story – yes I brought it with me! Later that day we visited her grave.


An amazing workshop in the community centre downtown in Auburn finished off what was a wonderful day and, as an added bonus, the studio had Bernina sewing machines! My did those quilts progress! Anne was very happy, she hates hand stitching! Loves lace making though!