News from the Bridge Room in Budapest

Host report by Eddie & Kathy Williams:

Margaret Island is situated between Buda & Pest and this was the setting for our weeks stay. The Island was beautifully set out with lawns, flower gardens, mini zoo, swimming pools, singing fountains, cafes and much more.


Local buses (free to over 65’s) were frequent to take you into the beautiful city. There was much to see and our first included excursion was a tour of Budapest. Very interesting and we realised how easy it was to get to all the local sights.

The stunning state opera house, the fabulous houses of parliament, national museum, thermal baths in abundance, churches, synagogues and of course the Danube.


Our second tour was to Visegrad Castle, a walk around the picturesque old town of Szentendre and a boat ride back into Budapest.

The final tour was to Godollo Palace, former summer residence of Queen Elizabeth & Franz Joseph. There was a guided tour of the palace and gardens.

The weather was beautiful during our stay. Our bridge group were very international with guests flying in from Doha, Dubai, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, as well as all the UK airports. Bridge was played in the right spirit with an international flavour.

Director’s report by Eddie & Kathy Williams:


After east’s 4 bid south has to contemplate what will be the correct bid with their holding. The easy options are to bid 4♠ or to double, after all partner did open the bidding.

The difficulty with this hand is knowing our system in these scenarios, do we have an agreement for the different actions available.

I was taught never to make a bid that partner might misconstrue.

Certainly 4♠ must be safe and you would not be surprised if partner passes 4♠.

Double here would be for penalty for a big number of pairs and not surprisingly that’s exactly what some Souths did.

What about a 4NT, 5♣, 5 or 5♠ bids?

I’m sure you would expect 4NT to be some kind of Blackwood. So you bid 4NT (your variation of Blackwood) and partner responds one ace or one key-card. Well missing 2 aces, time to sign off in 5♠.

Ok so what does a bid of five spades mean? Generally it would show a good hand and asks partner about their holding in spades. So if you bid 5♠ partner surely just passes.


For us mere mortals it would seem that 4♠ or Double would be the only two options.

If we switch the North – South hands then it would be much easier to explore for the slam.

Winners of the Swiss Pairs & E/W Welcome Pairs – Susi Berhmann & Ian Rich

Winners of the E/W Farewell Pairs – Ian & Elaine Phillips and Carol Benzie

Winners of the N/S Farewell Pairs & Joint Winners Championship Pairs – Dinesh Gudka & Cathy Rowland

Winners of N/S Welcome Pairs & Championship Pairs Consolation – Dilip & Kirti Shah

Winners of the Teams – Herbert Munt, Carol Williams, Marilyn Halton & Chris Lavender

Joint winners of the Championship Pairs – Sue Ozer & Linda Lumsden