News From Menorca

From Martin & Judy Holcombe

What an incredible way to end a chapter.

The Menorca island weaved its magical spell yet again. The 43rd consecutive October holiday was a huge success, two weeks at the idyllically located S’Algar hotel followed by a week at what we consider is one of the best 5 star hotels in the world; La Quinta.

That great big yellow ball in the sky of course helped tremendously and we had almost unbroken sunshine whilst at S’Algar and only the occasional cloudy day at La Quinta. Both hotels reflect the professionalism and pride that the Sintes family who have owned and managed them insisted upon. Both managers are exceptional and the welcome First for Bridge guests enjoyed and will of course continue to receive is second to none. We were often asked to compare both hotels, S’Algar is four star, La Quinta five, therefore it is impossible; what both have in common however is magnificent staff, they go the extra mile, because to them it’s the norm.

Judy and I would like to thank the management and staff of both hotels, June and Derek Taplin, and most importantly those of you who attended for making our last farewell so enjoyable and event free. We would also like to thank the thousands of people who have holidayed with us over the years none of whom we ever considered clients or guests but friends.

Arena we know wish to follow in that vein.

Prize Winners

Sal = S’Algar LaQ = La Quinta

Sal Open Teams Week 1
Lyn Hilton & Maureen Payne and Pat & Marco Alcalay

Sal Ladies Pairs Week 1
Ann Clark & Kay Nicholls

Sal Random Teams Week 2
Judith Jury & Kris Hughes, Beryl McMIllan & George McMillan

Sal Swiss Pairs Week 2
Ann & Nobby Clark

Sal Mens Pairs Week 2
Gerry Noonan & Richard Stedman

Sal Consolation Pairs Week 2
Marco & Pat Alcalay

Sal Main Pairs Week 2
Jeanette Simon & Anthony de Winton

Sal Swiss Teams Week 2
Maureen Payne, Lyn Hilton, Richard Stedman & Gerry Noonan

LaQ Random Teams – Final Evening
Penny Noake & Clive Handy Tom Banks & Shirley Elphick

LaQ Swiss Pairs – Final Evening
Tom Banks & Shirley Elphick

Directors Report from June Booty

What a fabulous time in Menorca we all had this year. It was my second time both in S’Algar and at La Quinta. We had two weeks at S’Algar first and the hotel had become ‘all inclusive’, which was absolutely brilliant because everyone socialised in the bar in the evenings and got to know one another very well. We then moved to La Quinta for a week where the food was to die for. For all three weeks both hotels looked after us fabulously and we could ask for nothing more. We were blessed with the weather too, which can be a bit variable at this time of the year, the only storm occurring at night when we were all safely tucked up in bed.
On the Bridge front we had between 9 and 14 tables throughout the holiday with a lovely mix of people and standards. I love my bidding gadgets but sometimes they can get you into trouble. One rather interesting example of this was as follows:


West, very sensibly opened 1S with a good 11 count and North overcalled 3C, intended as Ghestem showing hearts and diamonds. There was no alert so East assumed that North’s bid was natural and having good clubs and, playing with a partner she was not used to, happily waited for him to do a re-opening double. Fortunately for East, West was not forthcoming with this double and therefore North had no chance to rescue this doomed contract. North duly went four down for a bottom. North and South must be commended though for remaining calm and polite with one another!
I look forward to my next trip with First for Bridge.