News From the Norway Eclipse Bridge Room

News from the Bridge Room
From Allan Sanis

On our first morning at sea I gave a seminar on Checkback Stayman. This is a system that enables you to explore the distribution of the two hands and decide whether a major or No Trump contract is the best spot. That evening, on the very first hand, Ros and Peter tried it out for the first time.

untitledAfter Peter rebid 1NT (15-17) Ros was able to bid 2C Checkback. Peter answered stop 3H showing a maximum hand for his 1NT plus 5 card Heart suit. Ros bid 3S showing her 5 card Spade suit. Now with 3 Spades Peter was able to bid the Spade game. Without this convention the N/S pair may well have been in 3NT that, after a diamond lead, is a disaster.

The full hand was (dealer North) :