Show us your stash!

Last month we shared with you lots of ways of how to spring clean your yarn stash. This inspired us to speak to our lovely experts and have a nosy around their textile grottos! So, this month we asked them to show us their stash and to describe it in a few words…

Philippa Naylor – Full of promise!

I have a designated studio on the top floor of my 3-storey Victorian terraced house. The main focus of this room is my custom-built table which my husband and I made some years ago. The far end of this table is attached to the chimney breast wall (the fireplace is long gone), with the other end of the table being supported by an old treadle sewing machine table and re-purposed library index drawer filing cabinet – the two of which were exactly the same height, so made for the job. It is this table that hides most of the ‘stuff’! Cotton quilting fabrics under one side, stored in six wheel-able plastic drawer unit. The other side has a big bag of knitting yarn and two huge heavy zipped bags of garment making fabric and tailoring interlining. The library index drawers hold my extensive thread stash and other items such as tins of pins, stationery equipment and so on. I don’t think I have as bigger stash as many quilting and garment making teachers although I do have enough to last a very long time. If I store any more things under the table I won’t be able to get my legs under the sewing machine to do any actual stitching!

Juliet Bernard – Yummy, colourful, tweedy

Karin Hellaby – Rainbow of Batiks!

My quilting shop used to be where I went for fabric, as I stitched samples for display. When I sold my business, I should have cut a metre from all my favourite bolts. But I didn’t. This is all I have a collection of batiks ready for a future project.

Janice Gunner – Boxed, Tidy-ish and Lots!

My fabric collection is mostly stored at my studio, which has blackout blinds for when I am not there to protect it from sunlight. It is organised in IKEA containers with lids and they are labelled so I know what’s them! I have a wide variety of fabrics including vintage Japanese kimono fabrics. My favourite colour is blue, what else for someone who loves Japan and Indigo dyeing! I also use lots of African fabrics because I love the challenge of working with big prints and lots of colour.

Pat Archibald – Worldwide fabric treasures!