Spring into step! Top tips for sprucing up your yarn stash!

Spring clean your yarn stash!

With the season of spring cleaning almost upon us and our days getting longer, warmer and brighter – what better time is there to get your yarn in order? There’s nothing more frustrating than left-over and mismatched skeins laying around, so now is the time to breathe new life into your stash and re-introduce some spring freshness!

We’ve put together a list of handy tips to ensure that your yarn stash is in tip-top condition. Whether it’s crochet or knitting that you enjoy, almost all knit and crochet projects use the same fibre and weight throughout the project, so it’s important to keep things simple, accessible and avoid confusing your yarn. To get the best possible outcome from your crochet or knitting project, keeping your skeins and tools in order is the always the right place to start.

No one wants to get overwhelmed or put-off pursuing the hobbies they love by their disorganised yarn, so luckily for you we’ve got some tangle-proof steps for you to make the most of…

  1. Work out what you’ve got…

    You no doubt have a large collection of yarns and skeins, with plenty stashed away that you might have forgotten about. Now is a great time to have a real root around and dig out some hidden gems! Once you’ve been able to visualise what you’re working with, it’s time to get organising!

  2. Sort! Sort! Sort!

    Depending on whether you knit, crochet or simply prefer colours over texture – there are plenty of ways to store your yarn – as you often use materials across all types of projects. Once you have a clear central method, you’ll never go back to tangled balls and messy skeins!

    colour coordinated yarn stash

    Color coordinated yarn stash

    The main approaches involve sorting by colour, fibre, weight or by project – and the choice really is yours! Colour-scaping is a great way to inspire yourself to create some beautiful new pieces, as is organising by weight/fibre so you can really get a feel for the pieces you will create. So why not create yourself a rainbow of yarn today?

  3. Decide on a new home!

    Some crocheters and knitters prefer to keep their yarn stash in full view, others tucked away and neatly boxed. However you choose to store your yarn, make sure your skeins are easily accessible to avoid undoing all of your hard organisational work!

    Some find that bookshelves are a great way to show off your neat and tidy skeins, whereas other prefer the ease of wicker baskets. Charity shops and car-boots are great places to pick up some unusual storage options, so it’s always worth keeping your eyes peeled!

  4. What to do with leftovers?

    Once you’ve sorted out your stash, you may be left with a few lonely skeins that could be perfect for a one-skein project! Any others that you no longer have a need for can be donated to charity shops or friends. Smaller leftover bits of yarn can be useful for little yardage projects, baby clothes, mittens etc.

    Being able to clearly visualise what you need and what you have is a wonderful way to get re-inspired by your stash and find a new passion for your favourite crafting pastimes!

Spring clean your yarn stash to spend more time doing what you love

Remember that although it might seem like a daunting task, by spring cleaning your yarn stash – you’ll be able to spend more time creating crochet and knitting beautiful projects that you love (in far less time), and perhaps even free up enough time to join us on a knitting holiday or crochet holiday! So why wait to blow out the cobwebs? Get spring cleaning your stash today!