Top 10 Cutest Animals in Knitwear

It wouldn’t be a real British Summertime without near-freezing temperatures and with summer passing us by, it’s almost time to be thinking about wrapping up warm again. But it’s not just us humans who feel the chill, our furry friends need a helping hand every now and again too. We’ve rounded up the cutest animals we could find – oh, and they’re all wearing knitwear, what’s not to love!

1. The classic dog jumper

The Classic Dog Jumper

The dog jumper is where this all started. They have been around for years and many high-street stores are offering a selection of outfits for the furry friends. Of course, there’s no better way to dress your dog than in a home-made sweater. And, of course a matching hat.

2. World’s tiniest jumper

World's tiniest jumper

I can’t begin to think how fiddly this little jumper must have been to make. It just shows any animal can benefit from a little bit of knitwear (even if it’s just to make them that little bit cuter).

3. Guinea Pig’s Argyle Jumper

Guinea Pig in Sweater

Again, proving that it’s not just your cats & dogs who can benefit from a woollier life.

4. Jumpers for Rescued Elephants

Jumpers for Rescued Elephants

These rescued elephants have been given new wardrobes courtesy of The Wildlife SOS centre in Mathura. Wildlife SOS has been creating jumpers and pyjamas to keep the elephants warm in the winter months and help them on the road to recovery.

5. Tortoise or Dinosaur?Tortoise or Dinosaur

They say that clothes can reveal your true identity. These two are clearly having a bit of an identity crisis here. It would certainly make them easier to find in the garden, though!

6. Possom in a Pouch

possum in a pouch

This little possum is quite cosy in a hand-knitted pouch, courtesy of Unitywater. The group have been creating pouches for animals admitted to the Wildlife Hospital at Australia Zoo to help mimic the feeling of being in a mother’s pouch.

7. The Cutest Kitty

the cutest kitty

It’s just amazing just how much cuter an animal can look when you pop on a jumper.

8. Best-dressed Penguin

penguin jumper

This has got to be the best-dressed penguin I’ve ever seen. Charities have been knitting penguins jumpers for years but it’s not just a fashion statement. They’re designed to protect the creatures from oil spills, preventing them from swallowing any oil collected on their feathers.

9. Bunny in Wooly Hat

bunny in wooly hat

Another example where adding a wooly hat just makes an animal a million times cuter.

10. Most Pointless Jumper Award

snake jumper

I think I’ll just leave you with this one…

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Happy Knitting!