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Bridge & Rail

Explore the UK by Rail with the perfect balance of Bridge and sightseeing

If you’re looking for a UK Bridge holiday but would like something special and a little bit different, why not join us on one of our Bridge & Rail holidays? There’s so much to see and do around our own beautiful British Isles and on these wonderful short breaks you’ll have the chance to visit some of the UK’s most notable places - special because they bring the story of England to life. Britain’s railways are very much part of our rich history and your holiday also includes a ride on one of our incredible heritage railways. 
These holidays have been extremely well-received by our First for Bridge guests as they offer a perfect balance of Bridge and sightseeing. Some days have been set aside for venturing out, but on other days, and every evening after dinner, you’ll enjoy a full programme of Bridge, including seminars, in our carefully chosen, country house-style hotels. With their warm, relaxing ambience, these charming hotels are very much part of what makes this type of First for Bridge holiday so enjoyable.
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