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Faroe Islands

Be inspired by the famous Faroese knitting

The Faroe Islands possess a strong affinity with knitting, making it the perfect destination for your holiday. At one stage in the islands’ rich history, woollen products were the most traded goods - illustrating just how important craft culture is to this beautiful part of the world. Traditionally, the men of the islands carded and spun the wool whilst the women knitted, generating in excess of 100,000 pairs of knitted socks each year by the middle of the eighteenth century and by the nineteenth century that number of jumpers were also being produced to the same inimitable standard.

Our Faroe Island tours take us to the key sights on offer. Explore the capital, Torshavn, visit Kirkjubøur to see the islands' most significant historical site, explore the idyllic village of Gjogv or join an excursion to Vestmanna - home to thousands of seabirds including puffins, fulmars and guillemots.

We have been running knitting and crochet holidays to the Faroe Islands for a number of years now, and the destination still remains a firm favourite with crafters. All of our Faroe Islands holidays are accompanied by a knitting or crochet expert, who will lead traditional workshops using traditional Faroese techniques so you can create your own Faroese inspired project.

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