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Experience the Gaelic Charms of Ireland

Join one of our inspirational knitting or crochet holidays in Ireland and discover the stunning scenery, spirit and traditional crafts of the Emerald isle. All of our craft holidays include workshops with a leading knitting or crochet expert who will design projects inspired by your surroundings.

One of the many highlights of our West of Ireland holidays is the opportunity to explore the Aran Islands, which are renowned for their preservation of the traditional ways of life. Aran sweaters have been worn by fishermen here for hundreds of years and patterns passed from generation to generation without being written down.

As well as its stunning scenery the west of Ireland is also renowned for high quality goods. Creative crafts continue to flourish and traditional crafts including knitting have been revived. Knitting has been a part of Irish life since the 1600's when knitting schools were established across the country. During the 18th century knitting became a source of income for many households thanks also to an abundance of wool. Aran sweaters with their distinctive design are a symbol of Ireland and still inspire designers today. The patterns, representing the daily life of the islanders, have been handed down through the generations and each garment represents Irish tradition and culture.