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Explore the rich textile history of the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan - a fascinating fusion of old and new! A mix of the ultra-modern with an ancient culture, where soaring skyscrapers and the latest hi-tech innovations sit side-by-side with historic pagodas and shrines, and deep-rooted cultural and religious beliefs.
It’s no secret that a country as culturally rich and beautiful as Japan has an equally detailed textile history to match. Japanese textiles are world-famous for their intricate design and beautiful colour palettes, which have been evolving for centuries, yet still retain much of their original style and technique. This makes Japan a superb destination for a trip of a lifetime for quilters, patchwork and embroidery aficionados alike.
Our Stitchtopia craft tours of Japan will take you on a mesmerising journey showing you the very best in terms of textiles and sights in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. Some of our tours also include the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival - an amazing celebration of fabric, needles and thread combining stunning quilt displays across numerous themes - a must visit for any textile enthusiast.
All of our Japanese craft holidays are accompanied by a textile expert, who will run Japanese-inspired workshops, and a local English-speaking guide to ensure your holiday runs smoothly.

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