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Once in a Lifetime Adventures

Discover traditional crafts in some of the world's most exciting destinations

If it’s your dream to craft your way around the world, why not join us on one of Stitchtopia’s ‘once in a lifetime’ adventures. Combining the classic, not-to-be-missed sights with the traditional crafts that ignite your passions, these tours visit some of the world’s most exciting destinations. India, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, South Korea and Japan – fascinating countries where you’ll delve deep and discover the richest of textile histories and heritage.

Whether you’re travelling alone or with a friend you’ll be part of a small, friendly group as you enjoy guided sightseeing tours taking in the ancient sites, heritage museums and regional textile collections. You’ll visit small, remote villages meeting local craftsmen and women and trying your hand at age-old techniques in traditional workshops. You can take inspiration from beautiful and often extraordinary landscapes, and shop for typical, hand-crafted souvenirs at colourful, local markets.

On these Stitchtopia adventures you’ll be joined by one of our friendly and enthusiastic experts, who’ll help you create a special and lasting memento as you share these once in a lifetime experiences.

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