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Patchwork & Quilting Holidays

If you’re passionate about Patchwork & Quilting, love to travel and would like to share new experiences with like-minded crafters, then why not join us on a Stitchtopia patchwork and quilting holiday? Whether you’re an experienced quilter or enthusiastic amateur, it’s the perfect way to combine your favourite pastime with sightseeing, visits to textile museums, a chance to meet local quilters and to find that perfect fabric for your stash from carefully chosen quilting stores.
Whether it’s the sunny climes of Portugal, the stunning French Alps, or the ancient walled city of Carcassonne, our European quilting retreats offer the perfect way to hone your machine stitching skills. Venture further and you can explore the rich textile traditions of countries like Myanmar, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. Why not take a quilting cruise? A most relaxing way to travel and plenty of time to create a hand-stitched memento of your holiday. Whilst the quilt shows in Calgary, Prague and the Alsace are all very different, the marvellous traditional and contemporary quilts on display are a great inspiration for your Stitchtopia workshops.  
With so many fantastic holidays to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find your perfect Patchwork & Quilting holiday in our Stitchtopia collection.
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