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Quilt Festivals

Celebrate the art of patchwork & quilting across the globe

Quilt festivals across the globe are a magnificent celebration of the art of patchwork and quilting! Each is a unique showcase displaying the work of well-known, international, and local quilters and textile artists. Quilts embracing the past, and introducing the innovations created by new generations of quilters, attract stitchers from far and wide, who come together to share the beauty, artistry and history of quilt making. A selection of the annual quilting calendar’s most popular - and more unusual, quilt festivals feature in our collection of Stitchtopia patchwork & quilting holidays.

The Quilt Festival will undoubtedly be a highlight but one that’s dovetailed in an exciting mix of sightseeing tours, textile-related visits, and plenty of opportunity for retail therapy too! Each patchwork & quilting holiday is accompanied by one of our Stitchtopia experts and, even if you choose not to take a class at the quilt festival, they’ll make sure twitchy fingers get their stitching fix during your holiday!

Quilt Festivals are a great place for inspiration and they certainly inspired this wonderful selection of Stitchtopia textile holidays and patchwork & quilting holidays. We hope they inspire you too!

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