Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm

Jimi Blake

Jimi Blake trained in the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin as a horticulturist and was subsequently appointed Head Gardener at Airfield House in Dundrum, Dublin.  He resuscitated a large Victorian garden to its former glory enabling the public to rediscover and enjoy a lost gem.  After twelve years at Airfield, Jimi sought a new challenge and having secured twenty acres of the family estate he established “Hunting Brook Gardens.”  He was now fulfilling his ambition of having his own garden, to grow and expand his plant collection and share his passion and knowledge with the public. He envisaged using his garden as a classroom and a showcase to demonstrate the diverse range of designs he could develop.  Jimi has realized his dream of a dynamic and innovative garden and continues to develop his vision in new directions, always pushing the boundaries outwards. He continues to share his knowledge in a series of courses and workshops often engaging internationally renowned gardeners as guest speakers.