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Helene Magnusson

He´le`ne Magnu´sson is a French-Icelandic designer with a degree in fashion design. She believes the best way to preserve traditions is to keep using them, giving them new life. A former lawyer, shepherdess and mountain guide, she established her knitting design studio in 2010 and gained international recognition with her distinctive style inspired by tradition, with a modern twist.

She is the author of numerous books on Icelandic knitting and her patterns are published in magazines, books, on Ravelry and on her website, where she also sells a large selection of Icelandic yarns and kits.

In the hope that it would help revive some of the old knitting traditions, she created her own line of soft and fine Icelandic yarns (Love Story, Gilitrutt and Katla).

She shares her passion for the rich Icelandic knitting heritage on the hiking and knitting tours she organizes and guides all year round in Iceland. She lives in Reykjavík with her family.