Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm
With Pat Archibald
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Virtual Crafting - Cherry Blossom Rotary Cutter or Spec Case

11 March 2022

1 days from £18pp

Join fellow crafters and Pat Archibald for an afternoon of quilting, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.
  • 2.5 hours of tuition from Pat Archibald
  • Simple joining via zoom
  • Enjoy crafting with a small group of stitchers
  • Included recording of the workshop and kit for the project

Craft Online with Stitchtopia

Join Stitchtopia in the world of virtual crafting as we host a collection of fantastic workshops with some of our most popular experts through zoom. Virtually catch up with fellow crafters, meet some new faces and of course learn some handy techniques along the way... all in the comfort of your own home!

In this online hand-stitching workshop delivered live on Zoom you will learn how to work with oil paint sticks with freezer paper stencils to create soft images of cherry blossoms. You will also be using the paint stick to create a painted border to your spec case. Once we have finished painting, Pat will demonstrate how to assemble all the component pieces of the kit by hand and then finish with a pretty, beaded edging. This is a lovely relaxing hand stitching workshop that will inspire you to create more of these items as gifts for friends.

SKILL LEVEL: Suitable for all abilities.

One Fabric Kit will be sent to you containing everything that you will need apart from threads. You will need:

  • Machine thread in a toning colour
  • Selection of embroidery threads in your chosen colours. Stranded cottons work well or if you don’t have these you can use machine threads doubled.
  • Hand embroidery needles. Choose a size to suit your choice of threads. I use hand embroidery needles No.9.
  • Hand stitching needles to use with your machine thread
  • Scissors.
  • Iron and ironing pad and a piece of baking parchment