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From the celebrated temples of Thanjavur to the palm-fringed coastlines of Alleppey, India is a destination like no other. Cultural riches, ancient wonders and historic treasures seamlessly blend with mountain ranges, idyllic rivers and golden beaches, and when you add in the gastronomic delights that are loved throughout the world, you’ve got a holiday experience that’s impossible to recreate.  

The home of some of the oldest crafts in the world, India’s textiles are embedded in every aspect of its identity. Its diverse landscapes and unique climate provide an abundance of natural resources, which has allowed regional specialities to develop; from distinctive dyes to astonishing embroideries, you’ll find something new around every corner. A remarkable range of skills and techniques have been passed down through generations, and there’s no better way to uncover India’s textile secrets than on a Stitchtopia experience.  


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India Highlights

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  • Embark a houseboat for an overnight stay in the Kerala Backwaters View Tour
  • Learn about Indian textile crafts, some of the oldest and most diverse in the worldView Tour
  • Visit Thirumalai's Nayaka Palace, built in 1636View Tour
  • Visit 19th century tea plantationsView Tour
  • Visit the UNESCO world heritage site of MahabalipuramView Tour

Local Information

  • Capital New Delhi
  • Language Hindi, English
  • Currency Indian rupee
  • Time Zone GMT +5:30
  • Electricity Types C, D & M - 230V.

Must See

Visit Kanchipuram, the 'Silk City of India'

View Tour