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Rail Holidays in Austria

The rail trips through Austria from Arena Rail Holidays will allow you to experience the mountainous beauty and quaint architecture of one of Europe's most graceful and tranquil countries. The nation is landlocked, making rail the most efficient mode of transport through the lush green countryside, all the way to the iconic capital of Vienna — famed for its breathtaking buildings, delicious food and pioneering musical history.

Approximately 8 million Austrians speak German, making it the predominant language. This isn’t surprising given that Austria shares its eastern border with Germany and the two countries share much of each other’s culture and history. Everything from the grand palaces and castles, to the glorious mountain planes hidden throughout the country can be explored via one of our Austria rail holidays.

Austria by rail

For a country as varied as Austria, travelling by rail is the perfect way to experience both the beautifully constructed cities and the vast hills, rocky peaks and glistening rivers of Austria’s picturesque countryside. The true elegance of a country can often go unnoticed, but you can experience Austria's beauty in its entirety as you weave through it by train at a leisurely pace.

Fantastic cities

Vienna, Austria's capital city, plays host to a number of Europe's most iconic buildings, landmarks and public squares, with Hofburg Palace and the Stadtpark offered as two shining examples. The magnificent city centre is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list and bears over 150 grand palaces.

Food and drink

With the country landlocked between Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic , it was inevitable that Austria would embrace a range of culinary influences, and it is this mishmash of influences that are reflected in the nation's iconic sweet pastries and strong beer. Wiener schnitzel is one of Austria's most famed dishes; you can get it as a convenient street snack or from a high-class restaurant. As well as beer, Austria also produces high-quality wine, with a number of vineyards dotted around the capital city of Vienna.

Rich cultural history

Austria's famous cities bear a rich history of art, music and architecture. Vienna's Staatsoper [state opera] is one of the world's most esteemed opera houses, both for its design and its musical significance – with the works of Austrian composers Mozart and Johann Strauss II often performed at the 19th century landmark. If you prefer more bold architecture, the city of Passau boasts some of Europe's most fairytale-esque castles, which are particularly beautiful in the winter.

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  1. Oberammergau Passion Play

    Oberammergau Passion Play & The Austrian Alps

    7 Jul 2020 - 18 Aug 2020

    The Oberammergau passion play came about following a vow made in 1633. If the residents of the village were spared from the great plague, they promised to re-enact the Passion of Christ every 10 years. In 2020 the people of Oberammergau are making preparations for the 42nd performance. Don’t miss out on this once-a-decade opportunity!

    8 days from £1,845
    Ref: RAUSOB08

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