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Rail Holidays in the Czech Republic

Rail trips in the Czech Republic from Arena Rail Holidays offer you the chance to experience the beautiful Renaissance architecture of Czech cities, as well as the rolling green hills of the scenic countryside.

While the northern regions that border Germany and Poland are quite mountainous, the central area, including Prague, is generally quite flat, meaning that you can see the peaks of the many proud buildings from miles away.

Czech Republic by rail

Unsurprisingly, Prague is the focal point for the impressive Czech rail system: the mainline stretches all the way from the western Cheb to the city of Karvina on the eastern border. The Czech rail system is one of the most modernised railways in Europe, with efforts taken to unite all the different regions of the Czech Republic since the country gained its independence in 1993.

Fantastic cities

The largest city in the Czech Republic is Prague, its capital, famous for its decadence. With a substantial amount of trade emanating from Prague, its importance is reflected in its sophisticated design and layout. Situated around the Vltava river, Prague’s skyscrapers in its financial district are juxtaposed with its many glorious cathedrals and castles.

Food and drink

Czech beer is world renowned, and the country is well qualified to host its own beer festival: the Czech Beer Festival is held in Prague every year and it lasts for over two weeks! Czech food mainly consists of hearty meat dishes accompanied by bread dumplings. One of the more recognisable savoury dishes is svíčková (beef sirloin in cream sauce), and biscuits and gingerbread are some of the most popular sweets.

Rich cultural history

One of the Czech Republic’s most marvellous features is its variety of architectural styles. Prague is home to some of the finest Renaissance architecture outside of Italy, while its post-modern buildings, such as the Dancing House, are among of the wackiest in Europe.

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